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Leyla Sardinha
Review from Leyla Sardinha
48 events 3 reviews

Great selection of restaurant, more than adequate food size and very knowledgeable guide, Casey. Thank you

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David O.
Review from David O.
4 events 3 reviews

Just an OK experience! The guide was knowledgeable and interesting, the restaurants were nothing to brag about (except Citrus Grill and Pizza place) and only a couple talked to us about there business, let alone food prep. The candy store should...continued

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Mackay Crampton
Review from Mackay Crampton
22 events 3 reviews

Linda Pero is a wonderful guide. She made the three hours informative and fun. My husband and I enjoyed the selection of eateries and were satiated well before the last two stops.

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Review from Scott
8 events 3 reviews

My wife and I enjoyed the tour and would definitely recommend it to friends. We can't wait to go back to Watson's Soda Fountain for another malt.

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Review from irishkrusr
15 events 3 reviews

Our first time seeing Orange. Fun way to spend the day. Good food and we had a great group.

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Review from LoriSue
11 events 3 reviews

The restaurants' food was amazing! There were several stops at stores that were not that great. If all the stops were at restaurants, it would have been better. We went to Francoli's, Citrus City Grille, and Watson's. Yum!

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Review from RGG
30 events 3 reviews

The tour was interesting and the food was plentiful and delicious.

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Annette Marie
Review from Annette Marie
24 events 3 reviews

This tour was crummy. Save your money and time. There are many other food tours and this one needs work. This tour leader Linda was lazy and had no work ethic. Not once did she ask any Of us our names. Talked a lot about how she got her job as a...continued

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Review from Linda
8 events 3 reviews

This was everything that it promised to be. The guide was so informative about the history of Old Towne. As many years that I have lived in the area, I did not know any of it. The food was delicious and more than ample.

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Rhonda Church
Review from Rhonda Church
4 events 3 reviews

This was such a fun time! The variety of stops was delightful! There was not one that my sister and I didn't enjoy. I would highly recommend this tour. This was great for me because I live here and now have some new ideas of places I want to...continued

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Review from LinnyLou
7 events 3 reviews

Very friendly hostess who took us to lovely restaurants, tea house and candy store(s). Each place was ready for our group, we did not have to wait and everything was taken care of. We were able to browse, weren't rushed and for the price, an...continued

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Elaine Peterson
Review from Elaine Peterson
6 events 3 reviews

Was a beautiful day to reacquaint ourselves to the lovely downtown Orange. I was so impressed with the vibrancy of the Circle area and how it as all turned into a very impressive college town. Deanna was a good tour guide and the food and store...continued

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Review from lexjazz
54 events 3 reviews

We had a wonderful time. Our tour guide Linda was knowledgeable and entertaining. At each stop the store/restaurant had someone tell us about their business and history. The food was delicious and there was lots of it. We highly recommend this...continued

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Pam Crane
Review from Pam Crane
7 events 3 reviews

What a wonderful idea these sisters put together! My friend and I had a really nice time learning about some of the old buildings and tasting some wonderful food. I'll definitely recommend it to all my friends.

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Review from lindageyer
2 events 2 reviews

After our experience with the Laguna Beach Tour, we were a little hesitant. So glad we decided to join our friends for this one! Deanna was wonderful and the food was great. The killer was the buffet lunch! We rolled home full and had a great...continued

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barbara rutkowski
Review from barbara rutkowski
10 events 2 reviews

book this tour today and come hungry!!!
this tour far exceeded my expectations!!!!

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Kathy Sizer
Review from Kathy Sizer
12 events 2 reviews

Easy stroll with our fun, singing guide Linda, included 12 tasting spots that I can recall--everything from soups to pizza to ziti to empanadas to local beer to candy and gelato. Even a health food store gluten-free cookie. Go hungry and pace...continued

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Review from DanaG
8 events 2 reviews

Good variety of food!

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Review from Samwise
34 events 2 reviews

Great event!

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Loren Solem-Kuehl
Review from Loren Solem-Kuehl
11 events 2 reviews

Great time! Wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon! The history lessons from our guide were as enjoyable as the foods we tasted.

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