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Cat nut
Review from Cat nut
71 events 16 reviews

My wife and I loved the show. The performance was perfectly synchronized to appear spontaneous. Excellent adult show.

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Nancy Nicholas
Review from Nancy Nicholas
8 events 4 reviews

Different from what I expected, but still an enjoyable evening in the beautiful venue and dinner on the patio.

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Orly Shiler
Review from Orly Shiler
10 events 2 reviews

Amazing cast, wonderful production, we laughed till we cried and the venue was perfect. Seating under the stars, in the fresh air, on the comfy cushions was delightful.

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Lioness Lashanda Lewis
Review from Lioness Lashanda Lewis
10 events 1 review

A spectacular thought provoking adaptation of Greek mythology with a current spin

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Crystal Carson
Review from Crystal Carson
3 events 1 review

Brilliant! Fun! Thought provoking and insightful. The acting, music, and story were all soooo on-the-money. We couldn’t stop talking about how good it was.

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Sydney Douglas
Review from Sydney Douglas
6 events 1 review

Really beautiful evening with great performers !! Very worthwhile went with a group of 9 and everyone loved it !

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Adam Perez
Review from Adam Perez
1 event 1 review

Really fun play with a great atmosphere and location.

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MB Kelso
Review from MB Kelso
12 events 1 review

The quality of his production was top notch. The adaptation was thought provoking on many levels without making your head hurt. It is a great example of a classic tale made relevant to today—but not in a gimmicky way. The actors were great, the...continued

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Dwain Perry
Review from Dwain Perry
17 events 1 review

Theatre at its best!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
4 events 1 review

Very entertaining! Great low key night out for the family (with grown kids)!

Language was fine for us, but those with younger viewers (if kids have been sheltered) then it may be too much. Just FYI the warning given was appropriate.

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