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Austin Nation
Review from Austin Nation
Red Velvet 847 events 723 reviews

The best performers were the Judy Garland and Whitney Houston. Unfortunately the hostess Gypsy has seen better years, but should turn this show over to the next generation. She just wasn't funny...

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Roberta Jones
Review from Roberta Jones
Red Velvet 72 events 33 reviews

Wonderful time. You have to go the show is awesome. The entertainers are so talented. On a scale from 1 to v10 the show is a 12. Have dinner really good.

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George Padilla
Review from George Padilla
Red Velvet 64 events 20 reviews

Very pleased with the food selections and the service. The salmon was perfect and floverable, my husband lived his choice as well.

Now the show, the performers just top shelve! Our MC kept us entertained between performers and each performer was...continued

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Gardnar O'Brien
Review from Gardnar O'Brien
Red Velvet 40 events 19 reviews

My wife and I were thoroughly pleased with the performances. All were quite good, including the emcee. I especially liked the gentleman that portrayed Lady Gaga. He was fantastic!

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Suzanne Sargent Munoz
Review from Suzanne Sargent Munoz
Red Velvet 104 events 11 reviews

Service, food, and show were good, nice date night.

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Review from scott
126 events 99 reviews

What a fun night out. Very talented and entertaining performers. MC was terrific as the MC but also as an educator about the performers and GLBTQ history. Thank you for such an enjoyable and entertaining evening.
I would highly recommend going to...continued

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Bill R
Review from Bill R
81 events 79 reviews

Meal too rushed because we didn't know enough about the place to come early enough. Drag hostess was right on the mark."Judy Garland" was topof the line. Liked the finale.

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Sara N.
Review from Sara N.
114 events 63 reviews

the emcee was great - fab humor, repartee and wit! the actors portraying bette midler, judy garland, cher, Marilyn Monroe, Reba, etc. were good imitators and glamorously done up - great hair, wigs, makeup and gestures. straight and gay in the...continued

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C. Hayes
Review from C. Hayes
50 events 36 reviews

It was a fun show. Really enjoyed the MC. The cabaret was fabulous. The makeup and dress were superb.

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OC Girlie Girl
Review from OC Girlie Girl
36 events 25 reviews

So much fun! Gypsy was a HOOT!!

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Carol MacDonald
Review from Carol MacDonald
40 events 23 reviews

It was pretty good. The actors were talented. I wish they hadn't all worn those thick stocking things around their arms and chests. I could have done the math. The emcee was funny and droll. All in all- thumbs up!

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Review from Phil
67 events 21 reviews

The show was great. While we didn't do the dinner + show, I'd consider it in the future - the food smelled amazing! You can order food and drinks separately though. The performers were excellent and the host was hilarious. It would be worth...continued

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Alfonso L.
Review from Alfonso L.
83 events 15 reviews

Enjoyed the performance. The MC Gypsy made sure we had a fun time. 3 Male impersonators did a fantastic job. Dinner was terrific. The staff worked very hard to make sure we were happy.

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Sandy Prigger
Review from Sandy Prigger
30 events 14 reviews

Great show. Men really did look like females...

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Review from B&J
74 events 14 reviews

What a fantastic show! these "gals" know how to serve it ! everyone in the show was great. the host that was filling in for GYPSY was FAB! cant wait to see this show the next time we are in town.

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Review from theo
46 events 12 reviews

Super fun ! Great host and performers

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Manny Padilla Jr.
Review from Manny Padilla Jr.
23 events 11 reviews

Thoroughly enjoyed this! Gypsy was a fantastic emcee (don't let the age fool ya) . The performers were incredible. Nice to have an evening out with pure, old-fashioned drag queen fun!

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Vicki Snell
Review from Vicki Snell
30 events 10 reviews

Really fun event. Small theater environment with very friendly staff and entertainers. Enjoyed the 3-course dinner at a reasonable price too. The finale' is worth the price of admission...as the entertainers show you how the magic happens. ...continued

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Kevin Trepanier
Review from Kevin Trepanier
26 events 9 reviews

Fun, fun, fun. Engaged audience. Very entertaining.

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Faith McInnis
Review from Faith McInnis
12 events 8 reviews

Intimate, fun evening. Really get to know the cast and very enjoyable music. Great food and service, too!

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