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Review from gail
11 events 7 reviews

Super fun night. Performers were right on and the emcee was great. Highly recommend Oscars!

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Review from gail
11 events 7 reviews

Super fun. Costumes were a HIT along with all the extravaganza and singing. Very fun evening

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Mary B
Review from Mary B
28 events 7 reviews

We had a fabulous time. I encourage others to see the show and have dinner. It was delicious! Speakers were a little loud but manageable. The girls and the MC were very intertaining. Keep the show going!!!

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Angela Burch
Review from Angela Burch
39 events 7 reviews

We were smiling and laughing the entire show. What a talented group of people and such a fun thing to do on a Saturday night. Gypsy was ahhhhhh-mazing!

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Review from R.Gray
9 events 6 reviews

Can't go wrong in Palm Springs. The tickets were very affordable, fun atmosphere, well made adult beverages, and many laughs. The men/stars did a wonderful job making it a fun night.

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Carlos Izquierdo
Review from Carlos Izquierdo
10 events 6 reviews

Nice place, the show was great, good performance

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Review from Reviewer
6 events 6 reviews

The show is so much fun and Gypsy is the show! The performances were all wonderful and the finale is great fun. The theater is small and intimate, any seat would be a good choice. I had, and would recommend, VIP seating to be closer to the stage....continued

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Review from mom1918
18 events 6 reviews

This was a awsome show!!! We had a great time, if you haven't seen it, i would recommend you go!!! Oscar's Cafe is also a great place, their food and drinks are excellent.

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R Tyler
Review from R Tyler
14 events 5 reviews

Outstanding performances by ALL the "Ladies"! We spent the whole evening either laughing or applauding. And the food was not only reasonably priced, but very good. Premium seating puts you right up close for only a few dollars more.

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Review from CAROLE ALLEN
15 events 5 reviews

These guys were positively amazing, especially the person impersonating Bette Midler. He couldn't have been more like her. "GYPSY" was the best MC ever !!! So quick with the jokes and humor. LOVED HIM!! I would just order drinks next time,...continued

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Review from Marc
17 events 4 reviews

Great performers all around, but the emcee Gypsy steals the show at 86 years young!

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Elizabeth Gompert
Review from Elizabeth Gompert
5 events 4 reviews

We had such a good time at this show! Drinks were good, Aaron the bartender was great fun. The host and performers were wonderful. I didn't know what to expect but we laughed and cried and cheered the performers on. Such a good mix of comedy and...continued

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Karen D
Review from Karen D
12 events 4 reviews

We really enjoyed this show. Gypsy (MC) was very entertaining and keep crowd laughing between acts. All the performers were very talented and did great job on their celebs. It was small venue and not a bad seat in the house. Recommend it for...continued

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C Ellis
Review from C Ellis
9 events 3 reviews

Really enjoyed the show and dinner on my short trip to Palm Springs.

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Review from tallorder
4 events 2 reviews

Had a great time. Very talented preformers. Not too campy. The night we went, Lanie Kazane and Connie Francis were in the audience, two tables away.

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Helen Wardner
Review from Helen Wardner
13 events 2 reviews

It is a very professional show and the MC "Gypsy" is terrific and really involves the crowd. The guys are very talented and play their parts so well. This is our second time and would recommend it as a fun way to spend an evening in Palm Springs....continued

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Review from Dovelynn
3 events 2 reviews

It was amazing! Our table was right in front of the stage. We were treated so well and everyone was go nice to us. The performers were incredible. I especially liked the little surprise at the end. I would recommend this to everyone. I will...continued

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Review from Laloramos79
5 events 2 reviews

It was okay no big deal . The website page looks better .

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Brenda's Bunnys
Review from Brenda's Bunnys
18 events 2 reviews

The MC was excellent - I waited for Bette & Barbara like the ad said but we're a no show, one more greivance if I may

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Sharon Christenson
Review from Sharon Christenson
5 events 2 reviews

The show was fantastic! The venue is small and intimate, which we liked. All the staff very friendly and fun, and we received great service. We did have dinner also, which wasn't the best. Overall we had a most enjoyable evening!

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