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Doris Mazell
Review from Doris Mazell
Red Velvet 201 events 35 reviews

Our first experience at the Serenbe and we loved the venue and Taylor Hicks did a wonderful job.

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Review from GARY HIRSCH
86 events 47 reviews

I thought the play was very enjoyable. The singing and acting were very good. It was an outdoor production and it rained the entire time. I'm certain all the actors were soaked and very cold. In spite of the weather, Taylor Hicks took the time...continued

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Joe Smith
Review from Joe Smith
34 events 12 reviews

Loved it. My only thing was that I wish I had taken a blanket AND a bigger coat. It was so cold last night.

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Wendell W Barnes Jr
Review from Wendell W Barnes Jr
15 events 9 reviews

Outstanding cast who never let the steady rain interrupt the heart and emotions of this touching story. A special treat was the casting of Taylor Hicks as Charlie and Rachel Potter as Ann. The company was even stronger and held their own with...continued

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Review from Jason
10 events 7 reviews

LOVED IT! Taylor Hicks and the cast did an amazing job! I would pay to see this show again and again. The outdoor set is a perfect fit for the story.

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Marianne Wilson Wages
Review from Marianne Wilson Wages
36 events 7 reviews

Serenbe Playhouse is a unique outdoor theater experience unlike anywhere else in Atlanta. Shenandoah is a wonderful story of how strong and important love for family is in a world that has lost it’s way all around them. Always well done with a...continued

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Kathy Schumacher
Review from Kathy Schumacher
19 events 6 reviews

After seeing several spectacular shows at Serenbe, Shenandoah was more “modest” in its production. The singing and dancing were great, as usual. But there were no thrills, like a sinking ship (Titantic) or a helicopter landing (Ms Saigon). ...continued

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Rhonda Johnson
Review from Rhonda Johnson
6 events 6 reviews

Oh my gosh! So much talent! It's like the acting was outstanding and every person who opened their mouth to sing was a freaking phenom! Including Taylor Hicks!!! I can't wait to go to the next Serenbe production! Theyre awesome!

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Michael Reedy
Review from Michael Reedy
11 events 4 reviews

Another awesome Skit in the Woods by Serenbe Playhouse!! Being outdoors particularly suits this production and enhances the experience. Treat yourself to this unique venue and theatrical philosophy!

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Patrick Hill
Review from Patrick Hill
11 events 3 reviews

Fantastic production! Serenbe Playhouse never disappoints.

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Tiffany Taylor
Review from Tiffany Taylor
18 events 3 reviews

Great performance, but the seating in reference to the stage was not optimal. If you’re sitting to the far left, when facing the seating, it is hard to see the performance opener in the battle field. That also provides a side view of the stage for...continued

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Renea Lynn
Review from Renea Lynn
6 events 2 reviews

Another amazing show from Serenbe Playhouse! We are so blessed to have this so close. I’ve already bought tickets to take my daughter and see it again.

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Becky Pinkston Steele
Review from Becky Pinkston Steele
12 events 2 reviews

Shenandoah was amazing! Taylor Hicks showed his varied talents acting, singing and as a musician. He did a great job! The entire cast was extremely talented. So thankful to have a local opportunity to see such professional productions.

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Jennifer Jacobs
Review from Jennifer Jacobs
1 event 1 review

A top notch production. The Civil war camp and battles were very authentic. Well staged and cast with many great actors, musicians and singers. Taylor Hicks' singing was phenomenal. Rachel Potter added some real Broadway to the show. So many...continued

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Review from seawater
16 events 1 review

How cool to have Taylor Hicks and Rachel Potter both in the performance. You can imagine the vocals. The young boys also had amazing performances. What blew us away, though, was Destiny Freedman who played Anna on the night we went. She was...continued

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Jolene Hueber
Review from Jolene Hueber
1 event 1 review

I lobed the outdoor experience. I wish I had realized that it was outside because I would have dressed warmer. I can't wait to see another performance there. It was a unique experience.

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Jocelyn Whittemore
Review from Jocelyn Whittemore
5 events 1 review


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Mary Galpin
Review from Mary Galpin
2 events 1 review

This was an amazing theater experience set in a beautiful setting in Palmetto Georgia and well worth the travel from Atlanta. The Civil War re-enactment background just added to the immersion into the Civil War days. Taylor Hicks was wonderful...continued

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Dede Turner Dowdy
Review from Dede Turner Dowdy
10 events 1 review

This was fabulous!!!

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John Farina
Review from John Farina
1 event 1 review

Well done production ... Cast was great

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