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Review from G,H.
Red Velvet 1135 events 495 reviews

A very traditional presentation without the extra creative spark that would make it unique and memorable. If you have never seen it performed you will like it. If you have seen the story performed every year for many years you might have my...continued

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Review from G,H.
Red Velvet 1135 events 495 reviews

It is a wonderful presentation of the Dickens classic, very authentically done, with beautiful narration interspersed with visually stunning scenes and costumes. It's one of the two best shows I have seen a "Noise Within". I would have given it...continued

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Review from RC
Red Velvet 839 events 361 reviews

Very nicely done - :) Thanks for a great evening out!

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Alan Trevor
Review from Alan Trevor
Red Velvet 327 events 191 reviews

Very well done. Great for adults & kids alike.

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Review from Jim
Red Velvet 559 events 116 reviews

Imaginative staging, wonderful costumes and great acting. There are several companies doing this play. It’s hard for me to imagine it being done any better.

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Skip Pipo
Review from Skip Pipo
Red Velvet 195 events 89 reviews

A surprisingly unsatisfying production from A Noise Within. Too many stage tricks, perhaps. Maybe it would help to simplify it. Everyone seemed distracted.

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Jim McCarthy
Review from Jim McCarthy
Red Velvet 252 events 66 reviews

Lots of fun. Good way to get into the holiday spiriti.

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Rita Ruffin
Review from Rita Ruffin
Red Velvet 143 events 65 reviews

Done very well

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Brian Cosgrove
Review from Brian Cosgrove
Red Velvet 166 events 38 reviews

Another great show at A Noise Within!

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Elena L Velarde
Review from Elena L Velarde
Red Velvet 34 events 7 reviews

I was expecting much more from ANW after so many years of performing their craft. After seeing several versions through the years, i experienced neither awe--nor any emotional connection with any of the characters. The actor who portrayed Mr....continued

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Jackie Carter
Review from Jackie Carter
Red Velvet 20 events 3 reviews

Excellent. Would go again.

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Albert Watts
Review from Albert Watts
906 events 810 reviews

A Noise Within has just given South Coast Rep a rival for the Christmas Carol story.

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Eileen Mendoza
Review from Eileen Mendoza
125 events 66 reviews

This was our forth time seeing this play . It seems like it gets better and better. We really enjoyed it. The cast did a great job again as usual. I would recommend it to everyone to start Christmas season. It’s such a happy play.

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Eileen Mendoza
Review from Eileen Mendoza
125 events 66 reviews

We saw this production last year. It was just as great. Geoff Elliott is a great Scrooge. I met a lot of the cast members. I thought they were all great. We will probably see this production next year too.

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Eileen Mendoza
Review from Eileen Mendoza
125 events 66 reviews

what a great production. We love seeing all the children in the play. They were very good. The actors were great as well. It was nice that after the play everyone got a drink of apple cider. That was a nice touch to end the play. We also got to...continued

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Review from nfw
100 events 46 reviews

Easy access to theater. Comfortable seating. Performance well done. Apple cider refreshment following performance was a nice touch.

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S. Simon
Review from S. Simon
162 events 39 reviews

A great holiday show that everyone will love.

The staging was immersive and wonderful.

highly recommended!

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Review from Jude
62 events 34 reviews

The actors try really, really hard, but this production of A Christmas Carol falls completely flat. Beginning with the narrator, who instead of giving us Dickens's folksy, quirky, twinkly voice, intones like a Roman centurion. The songs are just...continued

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Review from josi
39 events 29 reviews

My friends and I enjoyed the production very much. Very creative staging! Would recommend it to anyone.

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Biruta Schultz
Review from Biruta Schultz
49 events 29 reviews

The seats were great. Acting was good. Too much noise and commotion in the production.

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