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Austin Nation
Review from Austin Nation
Red Velvet 832 events 714 reviews

I thought it was going going to be something unique....instead just got a "play". Not sure why they called this immersive and was also confused about the role of the Cirque du Soleil in this venture. Felt like I could have stayed at home and...continued

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Stephen DeCordova
Review from Stephen DeCordova
Red Velvet 87 events 60 reviews

The show under-delivers on its promises. It is not particularly immersive. There are no astronauts depicted walking on the moon. Most of the dialogue concerns fictional characters. I'd say, "Skip this one!"

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Richard Rice
Review from Richard Rice
Red Velvet 117 events 20 reviews

The show was great. There's a frickin' full size model of the lunar lander!!

I love the fact that parking is free only only a short walk to the tent. We sat in the Center sections, Category 1 seats, second from the last row. There only 19 or 20...continued

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Heather Krgin
Review from Heather Krgin
Red Velvet 31 events 8 reviews

Not worth the time and $$. Poorly done. Watch ”Apollo 11” instead. The play never expressed fully the excitement of the moon landing. Political idea, we need to find another planet because we are destroying this one, at the end was sophomoric and...continued

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Annette Mathews
Review from Annette Mathews
Red Velvet 24 events 6 reviews

The dome is wonderful , the play has a storyline of personal growth and experience. The visual of the moon landing is terrific.

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Review from Sofimylee
Red Velvet 77 events 2 reviews

Extremely hot in the theater. Not it all what I was expecting. The immersion was very small and quite weak. Way way way too expensive

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Margaret Kline
Review from Margaret Kline
Red Velvet 3 events 1 review

Captivating story, well told!! Great effects and not a bad seat on the house. Brought the experience to life and re-energized my love of space and the great unknown. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

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Ray Q.
Review from Ray Q.
428 events 400 reviews

A performance that is staged in the round does not make a show "immersive." This story, although based on real history and biographical interviews, is really weak, and the whole contrived plot seems built around some showpiece moments like...continued

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Jackie B
Review from Jackie B
139 events 40 reviews

Let me preface this by saying that I am an avid theatre goer and so I found this event as just ok. I guess I had more expectations as to being immersed in the experience of the making and launching of the Apollo 11. Instead, it was a storytelling...continued

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Brenda Gant
Review from Brenda Gant
51 events 33 reviews

It was unclear to me what exactly this production was going to be and I think that it needs to be made clear. It's basically a play set in the middle of a round stage with some action to the side (which can be difficult to see in certain seating...continued

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Review from Alf
45 events 22 reviews

My entry experience was marred by having to dump my water from my reusable bottle and viewing the garbage can at entry overflowing and all over the ground littered with beverage containers. No problem, as the CSC worker told me I could refill my...continued

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Linda Folsom
Review from Linda Folsom
54 events 22 reviews

Not as inspiring as I had hoped for. The visuals were often very grainy and hard to see. Other images were sharp so I know it was a choice of which media to use not a result of poor equipment. The story felt appropriate for a grade schooler and...continued

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Review from Dmarlowe
22 events 17 reviews

The story that they hung the history on was not engaging. Quirks of history/historical figures were omitted for a running gag about iPhones. The LEM was awesome. The earthrise was projected on a seam so it was not a Big Blue Ball. The acting was...continued

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Bonnie Pierce
Review from Bonnie Pierce
55 events 16 reviews

Save your money!!!!

This show could have been so much more if they put any effort at all on the script.

The 360 degree screen? Cool!

The center round screen? Cool!

The effects? Cool!

The acting, script, and story line? FAIL!!!

It's like they...continued

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Travis Morgan
Review from Travis Morgan
37 events 15 reviews

I would describe this as an expanded version of the type of live show you'll see at an amusement park like Universal Studios. It has some fun technical elements and special effects, but the storyline and acting are seriously lacking.

It's a...continued

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Michael Mathis
Review from Michael Mathis
37 events 13 reviews

The story was slow in the beginning 20 minutes or so. Acting was marginal for the grandfather / daughter combination on top of that. Worse, which impacted more than anything our enjoyment of the performance was the lack of cooling. The tent was...continued

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William Tran
Review from William Tran
147 events 10 reviews

Let's start with the good: parking was convenient and free. The facility itself is a fantastic sight to see. Most of the staff is very pretty (was this intentional?) and very helpful.

Now onto the bad: just about everything else.

This show...continued

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Y Khalil
Review from Y Khalil
27 events 10 reviews

Not at all what we had expected.
You can tell a lot of work was put into this, but why didn't they use the 360 degrees better?
Story/play was a little cheesy.
I would recommend seeing the film "First Man" with Ryan Gossling instead.

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Tiptara Plienjaroon
Review from Tiptara Plienjaroon
65 events 9 reviews

It was not that I expect . It’s boring for me . I feel waste time , money and the seat is not comfortable . I was there only 30 mins . The show suppose to be 90 mins

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Review from Ronsopas
20 events 9 reviews

This is a very simple play about the life of an engineer who worked on the Apollo project. There are a few interesting special effects, but not enough to overcome the uninteresting plot. It's like someone had an idea to use certain effects, but...continued

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