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Review from G,H.
Red Velvet 1153 events 500 reviews

I had not realized that it was a Sam Shephard play and since I have loved almost everything Noise Within has presented I went to this awful play. It is a shame that such good actors were wasted on something this bad.

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Review from fmiii
Red Velvet 107 events 21 reviews

Excellent production of a challenging play. ANW kills it again. Great acting, direction, and design work.

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Eileen Mendoza
Review from Eileen Mendoza
132 events 68 reviews

The production was wonderful. The play was very Interesting. You have to really get into it. I would like to go see this production again. All the actors were great. We really liked the performance of Dodge.

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Julie Beltran
Review from Julie Beltran
53 events 12 reviews

Dark comedic undertones mixed with some laugh-out-loud moments and a smattering of introspection. A delightful evening of well-acted performances.

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Review from Lauren
8 events 3 reviews

Fantastic show. Incredibly moving and thought-provoking material and beautifully directed. The set was gorgeous and the acting was next level. I’m consistently impressed with ANW and value their productions.

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Johanna Fontenot
Review from Johanna Fontenot
38 events 3 reviews

The acting was good but the story line didn't seem to have much of a point

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Janet Schwartzberg
Review from Janet Schwartzberg
18 events 2 reviews
Jennifer J. Fog
Review from Jennifer J. Fog
43 events 1 review

I loved this play for its professional craftsmanship and acting. The cast deserved a standing ovation. However the audience was left so horrified that no one stood. We were too aghast with what we saw. Bravo, cast.

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Dee Dee Shulman
Review from Dee Dee Shulman
2 events 1 review

The actor who played Bradley was excellent and has an excellent career ahead of him. The power of secrets in a family was powerfully portrayed in the story. The theater is attractive and comfortable and sight of the stage is good from all seats....continued

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John Paerels
Review from John Paerels
6 events 1 review

Very well-acted.... disturbing subject matter w/Sam Shepard's wicked dark humor. LA Times liked it....continued

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