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Liza Billington
Review from Liza Billington
Red Velvet 198 events 30 reviews

I just wanted to see an old favorite movie under the stars. The warm up band was loud and unpleasant followed by 15 minutes of commercials for coming events. The screen and the sound were great. The attempt to make this "an event" didn't work...continued

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Johanna Vanderspool
Review from Johanna Vanderspool
Red Velvet 95 events 29 reviews

Really fun. Come early to get good seats. Venue should have stopped a two patrons fighting at the event before it escalated and annoyed bystanders.

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Kyle Vermeulen
Review from Kyle Vermeulen
Red Velvet 109 events 18 reviews

Overall a really fun night. Fashionably Late pass well worth it! Tasty food trucks, one of my all-time favorite movies (Back to the Future), and not sure if this is advertised but BYOB made for a great night :) The only thing holding me back...continued

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Review from JB
83 events 53 reviews

The whole process was seamless: short lines, found great seats, and enjoyed a lovely view of City Hall. Looking forward to attending another Eat, See, Hear, screening next summer.

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Review from Curtis
97 events 45 reviews

A terrific way to spend an evening. We brought food and drink with us and cuddled under the stars.

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Matt Yabs
Review from Matt Yabs
92 events 35 reviews

Had a lot of fun. Food trucks were great. Good atmosphere.

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Kimberly Graham
Review from Kimberly Graham
53 events 28 reviews

Make sure you bring plenty of padding or chairs to this location, you are on concreat not a lawn which can be a bit uncomfortable, but it is a great location and they always put on a great show.

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Lorenzo Quezada
Review from Lorenzo Quezada
64 events 20 reviews

Great movie experience....wasnt crazy about being on concrete but it worked . Would like to have had a dessert truck for the evening to have something with coffee when the evening got chilly. Perhaps a muffin or cupcake truck would be good for...continued

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M. Gatto
Review from M. Gatto
55 events 14 reviews
Hale Hunt
Review from Hale Hunt
90 events 13 reviews

fun movie. Relaxed crowd atmosphere...so so music....limited (3) food trucks....no coffee.

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Review from rage_chick
38 events 13 reviews

It was a sold out event! Best thing to do is bring a low back chair, tall camping style chairs are not allowed in the center of the venue. It gets cold a night so you may want to bring a goodie and/or a blanket. I would add more food trucks to...continued

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Review from Debbyls
15 events 9 reviews

First time at a Eat See Hear event. Clueless was great, the venue was wonderful, friendly people, great food vendors. Will definitely do again.

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Edward Williams
Review from Edward Williams
16 events 9 reviews

The venue was great. We loved the movie of course! Having the food trucks there is fantastic. Only complaints about that is that the lines are soooooooo damn long. There should be a list of trucks that are going to be there ahead of time and also...continued

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Ruby Guerrero
Review from Ruby Guerrero
15 events 8 reviews

Parking was easy. Well organized event. Perfect for hot saturday evening under the stars. Liked the movie--it was my 1st time to watch & on a giant giant screen. ???????

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Tisha Washington
Review from Tisha Washington
13 events 7 reviews

It was a great evening! The venue was perfect and spacious. There was a good variety of food trucks. The screen and sound was crystal clear. Luckily it was pretty warm for a fall night. I had the best time.

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Hearken Creative
Review from Hearken Creative
8 events 7 reviews

Weather was perfect. Screen was big and gorgeous. Audience was incredibly well-behaved. Great movie. Food trucks were (as always) overpriced. Sound during the movie was a little bit low. But my family had a wonderful time...thanks!

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Review from ojimenez1216
9 events 6 reviews

Loved the setting of the movie and parking was fairly easy to find. My only complaint is that the food truck selection was limited and expensive. I recommend bringing your own snacks!

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Review from erika
16 events 5 reviews

Great event! Good food, plenty elbow and leg room, a great large screen, and the staff was helpful and friendly. I only gave 4 stars because there was only one main entrance, and it's all cement, so it was best to bring a chair rather than a...continued

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Emily C.
Review from Emily C.
39 events 5 reviews

Great location, very convenient but had to pay for parking.

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Myriam Levy
Review from Myriam Levy
15 events 5 reviews

What a nice setting to watch a movie outside! It was gorgeous evening. I would have liked to know that there wasn't any grass to sit on, just for future people. Since sitting on the floor was uncomfortable for some of us, but loved the whole...continued

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