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Andrea Szeredy
Review from Andrea Szeredy
Red Velvet 264 events 194 reviews

The show was great - lots of interesting items at very good prices. There were plenty of new things I had never seen before & I was pleasantly surprised at the reasonable prices.

I would recommend this show to anyone who likes gems & simple...continued

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Tracey A.
Review from Tracey A.
Red Velvet 279 events 105 reviews

Had no idea what to expect, but I was like a kid in a candy shop. Next time I'll come better prepared to buy, buy, buy!

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Review from Gracanne
Red Velvet 76 events 24 reviews

Overwhelming ammount of beads, jewels, and jewlery. Probably much more interesting for someone who makes jewelry as a business or hobby.

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Stewart A. Laidlaw
Review from Stewart A. Laidlaw
128 events 104 reviews
Review from Gadabout
104 events 89 reviews

I went late so only just managed to see it all in 2 hours. Also found free street parking but had to walk a block so was glad I wore flat shoes! At first I was confused as many of the items were strung but didn't have clasps and since I'm not a...continued

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Alan B.
Review from Alan B.
123 events 67 reviews

There were 2 ballroom sized rooms for the vendors at this show. There was only one entrance and the vendors that were set up in that first room were reminiscent of ones I've seen at swap meets. Though some of the people were willing to provide...continued

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Review from Gantrell
67 events 46 reviews

there was way more bulk bead sellers there than I would have liked. Wanted to see more finished product and felt like I was in a flea market/wholesale show.

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Theresa Morrison
Review from Theresa Morrison
87 events 42 reviews

The crowds weren't at this location. The crowds at the Santa Monica location were much larger and the vendors noticed this difference. I still stumbled upon some great buys and unique pieces. I prefer the Pasadena location over the Santa Monica...continued

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Clara F.
Review from Clara F.
92 events 39 reviews

What a mess!

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Matthew Valero-Katz
Review from Matthew Valero-Katz
78 events 37 reviews

This was a nice show. Not as big as the one in santa monica. They should make it bigger. Plenty of space. The venue is really nice and convenient! plenty of parking and across the street is the mall with shops and food.

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Review from Tim
60 events 30 reviews

Lots to see here - a really cool event!

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Kathleen Kubota
Review from Kathleen Kubota
47 events 25 reviews

When I arrived at the show, I went to the box office to get my tickets, just as it said on the Goldstar print out. The box officelady told me to go to the ticket taker at the door. She knew nothing about the will call tickets. Finally, someone...continued

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Review from graciano-buchman
36 events 21 reviews

This was my first time going to this kind of event, and I have no way to compare with other similar events. Parking can be an issue, I park on the street but only had an hour so I could not see the whole exhibit. I hate the par,King on paseo...continued

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Vicky H.
Review from Vicky H.
25 events 15 reviews

Enjoyable; big but not too big. Lots to see. Many duplications from different vendors but a wide assortment throughout. Many items more expensive than I thought would be at a show of this kind. Nice facility and easy to get to, comfortable inside,...continued

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Susan Zucker
Review from Susan Zucker
38 events 14 reviews

It is always fun to go to this show and if you are shopping for something special, low end or high, you will be sure to find it at a cost worthwhile.

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Susan Zucker
Review from Susan Zucker
38 events 14 reviews

This event s one of my favorites. If you are in the market for a high end gem, this is the place to choose. They will mount gems for you on the spot.

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Darcel Bowles
Review from Darcel Bowles
48 events 13 reviews

First time going, I expected something different, oh well. Had a great time and lunch with best friend.

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Review from loraliekay
37 events 13 reviews

Loved it! Spent way more than I intended to, and don't regret a single penny because I found such unique and incredible pieces of jewelry that I haven't found anywhere else. I'm in heaven!

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Review from aquariofeb
49 events 13 reviews

nice as always lots to choose from

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Jeanne Rogers
Review from Jeanne Rogers
43 events 12 reviews

I enjoyed the show and bought several good quality jewelry pieces at reduced prices.

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