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Kevin Carter
Review from Kevin Carter
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I liked quite a lot of it:
1. The three urchin girls were amazing
2. I really liked Seymour
3. And though I didn’t buy the dentist’s performance as a sadistic scumbag, his version of the laughing gas death scene was the best I’ve ever seen....continued

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Review from kellarita
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See this show!! Amber Riley is as amazing as you’d think. MJ Rodriguez as Audrey makes this role her own. And the trio?!? Pshhh THEY NAILED EVERY NOTE. All the guys are awesome in their roles too.

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Joe Kertes
Review from Joe Kertes
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The three "backup" singers were fabulous! Although the rest of the cast performed well, they were not particularly strong.
The movie version with Steve Martin and Rick Moranis is a very tough act to follow.

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Maria Victoria Davidson
Review from Maria Victoria Davidson
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Entertaining, hilarious, and in an intimate venue. Loved this play, the cast & crew did a fantastic job with it.

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Abigail Howe
Review from Abigail Howe
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Fresh take on a beloved cult classic. The three doowop girls were INCREDIBLE!! And I loved the imaginative take on the plant.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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I am not a usual fan of Little Shop of Horrors but this cast and this production had me smiling all night long.

It's simply fantastic.

Great theater. Great energy. Great location.

And the Gen Z dream cast of amazing talent!

We are going to see...continued

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Review from Allisantos
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I love musicals, but this was not just another musical. Though Little Shop of Horrors has been around for many years now, the casting is what makes this production a stand out. I felt like I was watching history being made. Each person really...continued

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Veronica Mota
Review from Veronica Mota
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The cast was great but it was hard to hear the songs clearly. Volume was fine but clarity was lacking.

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Jay Lesiger
Review from Jay Lesiger
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The show was not well staged. It often felt like a community theatre production, especially in its overall design and its depiction of Audrey 2. Best performances were from Salazar and Chamberlin; MJ Rodriguez sang well, but her performance seemed...continued

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