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Todd Hanna
Review from Todd Hanna
37 events 24 reviews

OMG, this production of Noises Off was absolutely hysterical. The timing was incredible and all the actors were spot on. I've never laughed so hard in my life and the whole audience seemed to enjoy it by all the laughter. I would highly...continued

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David Levine
Review from David Levine
61 events 22 reviews

This is a brilliantly funny play and this cast does it so well. Whether you have seen it before or this is the first time, worth it

This venue is small so almost all seats are good.

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Joe O'connor
Review from Joe O'connor
98 events 21 reviews

I haven't had that much fun in a theater is some time. I don't know who was having more fun the actors or the audience but both us for sure were having a great time. If you need a good laugh by all means see this production. Bravo!

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Joe O'connor
Review from Joe O'connor
98 events 21 reviews

It was great fun. I took my 14 year old son and it was our second time seeing it since we went last year as well. Don't miss it!

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Review from Dmarlowe
27 events 19 reviews

We had the good fortune to be seated next to Lloyd as the play opened. Need I say more? This was the third place and time I've seen the play and the intimacy of the theater made the experience even more fun. Only complaint parking not made clear.

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sara Cleveland
Review from sara Cleveland
51 events 18 reviews

Fall out of your chair hilarious!

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Goldstar member
Review from Goldstar member
39 events 17 reviews

First act was a little bit hard to comprehend. But 2dn and 3rd act laughed out loudly. Enjoyed to full extent, even excessively pulled down pants did not spoil the impression. Was a great evening.

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Irina Velitskaya
Review from Irina Velitskaya
51 events 14 reviews

Great! Great! Great!!!!!! Super well rehearsed farce!!!! Unbelievable work of all actors! Bravo!!!! I loved it! Would see it again!!!! Really recommend it!

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Susan Roye
Review from Susan Roye
60 events 13 reviews

Hilarious play. Great acting. Accents a bit hard to understand at times though.

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Jeff Gold
Review from Jeff Gold
22 events 11 reviews

The theater was great. you could see from any seat. As for the play it was incredibly funny, well written and original. Hard to believe that a play written in 1982 could still be this funny today. The acting was perfection. The amount of rehearsal...continued

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Review from Deb
15 events 8 reviews

Theater is wonderful, small and intimate. seats area comfortable and all have a good view. Production was excellent. Cast was excellent. a great time.

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Hearken Creative
Review from Hearken Creative
8 events 7 reviews

ANW definitely is one of the crown jewels of the San Gabriel Valley, consistently putting on spectacular productions -- comedy, tragedy, drama, whatever. And this run of Noises Off did not disappoint. Amazing cast, great sets and direction, and a...continued

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Hearken Creative
Review from Hearken Creative
8 events 7 reviews

Perfect venue -- not a bad seat in the house. Actors and direction were fantastic -- one of the most kinetic versions of this play I have seen. Wonderfully funny play -- side-splitting laughter from the audience throughout. Highly recommended.

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Review from Thomas
21 events 7 reviews

The funniest play I've ever seen! The actors were incredibly talented and had perfect timing. Silly slapstick at it's best!

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Review from photobuff
31 events 7 reviews

This play is ridiculously funny, and the performance was even better than last year's. Well done!

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Hans Peter Metzger
Review from Hans Peter Metzger
90 events 6 reviews

Very funny and great acting. If you like Monty Python style comedy you will love this play.

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Review from Jewel
12 events 4 reviews

We had seen the play before, but this was done differently. The second scene was the best and we enjoyed it very much. The first scene was a necessary set up for the second scene but it dragged a little. The third scene was confusing with a long...continued

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Sophie B.
Review from Sophie B.
30 events 2 reviews

Absolutely wonderful play ! My first time to this theatre - loved the vibe and the ambiance ! Courteous staff, plentiful and free parking.

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Elizabeth Potter Scully
Review from Elizabeth Potter Scully
28 events 2 reviews
Martha Avila
Review from Martha Avila
2 events 2 reviews

The cast was great. The story was fun fast with a lot of physical comedy. Two hours with two intermissions when fast.

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