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Review from mageh1
137 events 81 reviews

I loved the tour, very informative and interesting

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Amy C.
Review from Amy C.
126 events 53 reviews

Esotouric really presents L.A.'s finest tours of the city's crime history, noir influences, and other fun topics. I've recently been on two of their Raymond Chandler tours, and hope to book some of their current tours. The Pasadena tour was so...continued

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Nicole C.
Review from Nicole C.
87 events 34 reviews

i give two stars conditionally. i have been on other tours like this and this was the most disappointing. that's not to say it was bad but it could have been a lot better. crimebo was OK but distracting. when you start to get worried about fending...continued

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Lorraine Johnson
Review from Lorraine Johnson
60 events 24 reviews

This was really a fun trip, filled with a lot of crime stories. I recommend it.

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Review from gozsamrn
77 events 18 reviews

Crimebo is the best hobo-crime clown we have ever met!

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Nicole Albers
Review from Nicole Albers
18 events 11 reviews

Avoid this tour. Save the money. The couple who puts it on was disorganized and bickered with each other the whole time. The script they were working off of was not very tight, stories didn’t feel connected, and it was poorly executed. I kinda...continued

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Nancy Brindley Bhagia
Review from Nancy Brindley Bhagia
32 events 11 reviews

I enjoyed being driven through the quaint streets of Pasadena in a comfortable bus listening to true crime stories. This was a very fun and entertaining afternoon.

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Debra P.
Review from Debra P.
14 events 10 reviews

It was OK. The crimes were not very well known. It would have been better if more well known crimes were shared.

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Michelle Lee Hesse
Review from Michelle Lee Hesse
14 events 10 reviews

Loved it. It was a lot of fun. I especially loved Crimebo the Clown. He was wonderful!

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Review from smenkus
28 events 8 reviews

An enjoyable bus tour through Pasadena and South Pasadena with entertaining hosts describing various crimes at the exact location. The tour was reasonably well organized with two stops but no clown with balloons on our tour. Much information was...continued

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Review from S
18 events 8 reviews

This could've been a really terrific time, but wound up being mediocre for a varieity of reasons. There was a trio of people describing the events that took place. Here's what they could do to improve it: #1 - work from & stick to a script, #2 -...continued

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Anne Edkins
Review from Anne Edkins
35 events 8 reviews

This is the second time I've taken the Pasadena Confidential tour (the last was about 10 years ago). While Kim and Richard are super-knowledgeable about local history, crime, preservation, etc., their presentation is sloppy and unpolished -- they...continued

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Judy S.
Review from Judy S.
20 events 6 reviews

I loved it. It was quirky and fun. The guides were a total hoot and I learned things about Pasadena and So. Pasadena that aren't in the guide books.

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Amanda Albrizze
Review from Amanda Albrizze
20 events 6 reviews

I loved it! I would do one of their tours again in a heartbeat.

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Dorinda Gardner
Review from Dorinda Gardner
7 events 4 reviews

Great day for a crime tour - it was cool, windy and rainy. Heard some marvelous stories and the great history of Pasadena. The stop at the bridge was entertaining along with coffee and cookies. One suggestion would be to condense the tour down...continued

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Rebecca M
Review from Rebecca M
6 events 4 reviews

I must agree with a few of the other reviewers that the hosts' lack of professionalism made this a pretty cheesy tour. They argued and talked amongst themselves, and were constantly guiding the driver on where to turn and stop. One of the...continued

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Review from Michelle
5 events 4 reviews

This was generally not worth the money or the time. I felt the hosts were very unorganized and talked way too much the entire time and lost most, if not all people who were in attendance.

I would recomment they incorporate their visual into...continued

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Amy Mucken
Review from Amy Mucken
29 events 3 reviews

My parents, fiance and I attended this on a whim. We learned so much, laughed a lot and saw parts of Pasadena in a way we never would have explored on our own. The tour guides were informative, interesting, approachable and funny. I recommend...continued

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Review from Rad
6 events 3 reviews

The bus was very nice and the route was well thought out. We had a great time and I would recommend it to friends. Thanks for the fun!

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Beverly Starleaf
Review from Beverly Starleaf
11 events 3 reviews

This was a lot of fun with narrative from a very spiffy Nathan and the antics and balloon animals of Crimebo the Clown. Involving the tour participants in the reading of a very short play was probably the highlight for me. Everyone did a great...continued

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