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Roxanne Yahner
Review from Roxanne Yahner
Red Velvet 310 events 138 reviews

I had the pleasure of seeing one of my favorite actors, Frank Langella, play the lead in The Father on Broadway several years ago so was familiar with this fabulous play. Alfred Molina's interpretation was more affable and therefore easier to...continued

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Barbara A. Bruner
Review from Barbara A. Bruner
Red Velvet 70 events 36 reviews

Well acted, interesting premise. Subject matter may not be suitable for all.

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Ben Kawaller
Review from Ben Kawaller
Red Velvet 109 events 20 reviews

A well done production of a play that effectively dramatizes dementia, but doesn't really resonate with any larger significance.

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Review from Evelyn
Red Velvet 79 events 5 reviews

Outstanding acting job by Alfred Molina! Fastest 90 minutes

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Suanne Spoke
Review from Suanne Spoke
Red Velvet 43 events 4 reviews

Alfred Molina was sublime, courageous and heartbreaking. The other actors are not in his league. And the blackouts were abrupt, loud and distracting. Script is fascinating, but needs better support from the direct and supporting cast.

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Ray Q.
Review from Ray Q.
446 events 413 reviews

A lot of undeniable talent wasted on a weak story with a obvious plot gimmick. And that means my evening was also largely wasted. The silver lining: it was all done in a fast 90-minute one act.

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Geralyn M.
Review from Geralyn M.
266 events 189 reviews

Very well done. Acting was great. Alfred Molina was incredible. Heavy subject so be prepared.

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Review from Playbillz1
239 events 163 reviews

No joke, one of the best performances I've ever seen in a high-wire act that requires the lead actor to go from ingratiatingly charming to furious to completely broken sometimes all in the same scene. This is a tough play--and a perfect actor to...continued

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Review from Annonymous
231 events 157 reviews

Alfred Molina was excellent as always. "The Father" hit close to home. Staging was creative way to symbolize his deterioration.
P.S. The theatre was very accomodating.

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Review from hopieopie
173 events 105 reviews

It is still in previews and needs a bit if tweaking. The pace seemed a bit off. Alfred Molina was very good. The rest of the cast was uneven.

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Review from mageh1
127 events 79 reviews

Molina is amazing actor. Very good performance. Thumbs up.

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Rhonda Dillon
Review from Rhonda Dillon
116 events 70 reviews

The play treats a very delicate subject with humor and heart. Alfred Molina is wonderful!

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Love Hearts
Review from Love Hearts
110 events 43 reviews

Alfred Molina was amazing and the staging was superb!

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Gary Seigel
Review from Gary Seigel
72 events 33 reviews

It's a great theatre, and Molina & cast are terrific. The play has its tricks, and once they're worn out, the play drags a bit. Ultimately, though, it felt like we were experiencing the frustration and angst of a patient losing his memory, and...continued

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Celia Szew
Review from Celia Szew
42 events 32 reviews

A very emotional play performed by a brilliant cast led by an impeccable performance by Alfred Molina.

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Review from Alf
54 events 26 reviews

Fabulous play! Outstanding performance by Alfred Molina, from his initial snarky self-assurance tinged with a smidge of self-doubt down to his later shaky vulnerability. Such powerful writing. Highly recommended.

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Chrisy F.
Review from Chrisy F.
71 events 26 reviews

Very powerful and moving...a very accurate description of dementia.

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EZ therapy
Review from EZ therapy
32 events 25 reviews

This is a very thoughtful play that suits the Pasadena Playhouse well. Alfred Molina plays a formerly distinguished man who is in the throes of very forgetful dementia. The audience becomes confused along with him, as different scenarios about his...continued

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Lauretta Nieves
Review from Lauretta Nieves
117 events 20 reviews

The subject of a man dementia isn’t a cheerful subject but the writing and acting keeps you interested. Alfred Molina is the reason I bought tickets and he never disappoints.

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Irina Velitskaya
Review from Irina Velitskaya
60 events 17 reviews

Great acting! Excellent play! Amazing directing!
Alfred Molina is truly great!

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