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Review from G,H.
Red Velvet 1161 events 502 reviews

The evening was so-so with a number of younger comics, one returning to the stage woman, and one so-called headliner. The young guys did their best and had a few funny lines, the headliner was truly awful. He was so obviously stoned out of his...continued

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Lady Diane Chua
Review from Lady Diane Chua
Red Velvet 125 events 58 reviews

My favorite was Tony.....(forgot his last name) and Michael Loftus was decent too. Overall fun nite!

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Goldstar User
Review from Goldstar User
Red Velvet 99 events 23 reviews

The highlight of the night was Arsenio Hall dropping in to do stand up. The special guest wasn't very funny. The people sitting behind me were talking the entire show. Even one of the comedians made a comment about their talking.

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Review from bdimmitt
Red Velvet 37 events 14 reviews

Was a great show!! Enjoyed it very much!

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Elsy Gutierrez
Review from Elsy Gutierrez
Red Velvet 21 events 4 reviews

The seats were too closed together, thye packed us in like sardines.

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Review from Kimmy
Red Velvet 17 events 3 reviews

This is was first time at a comedy club in 10 years! I loved every minute of it. The comedians were hilarious. My friend and I even had a chance to talk and take pictures with Lisa Ingber. Love her! She's hilarious. :)

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Tiffany Scott
Review from Tiffany Scott
Red Velvet 4 events 1 review

My boyfriend and I brought my parents who were were visiting from Chicago, and we had a really good time. They enjoyed seeing the photos on the walls of the famous comedians who have also performed at the venue. Most of the acts we saw were pretty...continued

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Review from Revesz
238 events 69 reviews

Good acts. But two drink minimum

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Review from Sandy
80 events 47 reviews

It was so much fun. We had a girls night out and even became part of the show. It was so convenient and we never had to wait in line.

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Review from Andrew
72 events 46 reviews

Great seats, friendly staff, classic venue, and the show we saw (Hot Curry Comedy) had some really great comics. Drinks were a little weak, although the food looked good (we didn't have any, so I can't vouch for taste, but the plates were massive...continued

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Denny Beroiz
Review from Denny Beroiz
59 events 42 reviews

Rudy Moreno always has a great line-up. Surprising large audience for the second week in a row. Getting really popular.

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Denny Beroiz
Review from Denny Beroiz
59 events 42 reviews

Rudy's birthday bash was great

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Clara F.
Review from Clara F.
92 events 39 reviews

We arrived early at 7:30 for the 8:30 show, and ended up buying an additional drink each while waiting. The drinks were small and not very good and expensive. The show was very funny, everything we expected, but they were serving food throughout...continued

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Rosie Nava
Review from Rosie Nava
47 events 36 reviews

Always have a great time at the Ice House, but more so this time, as it turned out to be the host's (Rudy Moreno) birthday. The comedians were excellent. My jaw hurts from laughing so much.

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Rosie Nava
Review from Rosie Nava
47 events 36 reviews

Great time!! great comedians. big surprise when Cristela and later Frazer showed up. I laughed so hard my jaw hurt! cant wait to return.

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C. Hayes
Review from C. Hayes
50 events 36 reviews

It was really fun. My friend Joyce, my daughter Brigitte and myself participated in the show. We got on stage and were hypnotized. We did some funny things. Great time by all.

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Rocky Morales
Review from Rocky Morales
153 events 33 reviews

There were all of 12 of us in the audience for the 7pm show and the headliner, Michael Loftus, was the weakest link of the three comedians who performed. Honestly, if I wanted to hear a middle aged angry white male spew his fears and hatred, I...continued

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Giovanna Tellez
Review from Giovanna Tellez
54 events 32 reviews

Funny comedians excellent drinks. Would go again.

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Peggy Heidelberg-Dunson
Review from Peggy Heidelberg-Dunson
93 events 31 reviews


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Review from Sal
34 events 27 reviews

2 drink minimum, so it's decent or can get expensive if you happen to choose a premium drink. Comics are mostly funny, worst case you might get one comic that is not so funny. Had a good time as always. Great staff.

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