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Dan Cox
Review from Dan Cox
Red Velvet 45 events 8 reviews

I’m not sure why I pay for Red Velvet membership when my tickets are on the last row? And I also paid for the most expensive seats available.

Also, from where we were seated, the sound quality was so bad, it was impossible to understand most of...continued

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Ray Q.
Review from Ray Q.
433 events 406 reviews

The original source material might have felt heavy-handed at first read, but Nia Vardalos masterfully adapted that into an intelligent and still heartfelt one-act play that moves along at a nice pace with a strong cast that moves freely and...continued

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Maria Estrada
Review from Maria Estrada
78 events 58 reviews

I enjoyed this play. It was funny and moving. There was quite a bit of profanity, which bothered my mom. We sat in the second row, so we could hear everything, but the sound could have been better. Overall, it was a great night of theater.

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Review from gabby
66 events 29 reviews

Expected letters to be more dramatic.

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Desiree Bryner
Review from Desiree Bryner
43 events 26 reviews

Seeing a production at the Pasadena Playhouse has become a gamble. Not everything is as enjoyable as tiny beautiful things. Not everything is as high-quality content as tiny beautiful things. Not everything is as well cast and well written and...continued

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Sandi Hemmerlein
Review from Sandi Hemmerlein
48 events 23 reviews

Unfortunately, this show was just not for me. It really should come with a trigger warning or some advisory about strong language and adult subjects. Some of it is really intense and I had to leave early because I couldn't take it anymore.

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Dean Parker
Review from Dean Parker
69 events 20 reviews

Nia Vardalos and cast gave a magnificent performance that hit home on so many levels. BRAVO!!!

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Cameron Smith
Review from Cameron Smith
89 events 17 reviews

This quiet play about an advice column that is written by Sugar played by Nia Vardalos is quietly hypnotizing and touching. The human situations we all go through are written to Sugar and she responds in a deeply personal way. The ensemble of four...continued

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robert ruder
Review from robert ruder
35 events 11 reviews

Fantastic performances
Somewhat “dark and heavy”

Enjoyed this

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Nancy Pants
Review from Nancy Pants
17 events 11 reviews

Such a moving and profound show with wildly funny moments of levity. Every word, every actor shined in this beautiful theater. Bravo all. Bravo.

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Review from JKolka
28 events 10 reviews

Mediocre acting, rarely moving. The piece is mostly performed as if a camera were recording for TV or movies. A play needs things to be BIGGER. Story fine but not groundbreaking.

APPALING audience behavior. We were forced to suffer through at...continued

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Review from Catherine
18 events 7 reviews

You should probably know ahead of time that you are going to see something with no storyline, no character development and no overriding theme. It’s a grab bag of issues presented to one woman who responds thoughtfully, referring often to her own...continued

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Review from robmino
24 events 6 reviews

Beautiful and powerful words and acting!

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Review from C.Rae
14 events 6 reviews

I do not believe the actors were mic’d because even with good seats it was a strain to hear their lines so it made for a lot of work for those attending. That problem diminish to play tremendously.

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Review from Pasta933
23 events 6 reviews

That was the most depressing and boring play I ever been to. Everybody has their own problems (I understand) and for that reason people go out to have a good time and change their moods They were definitely talented actors however I wish they...continued

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Review from Jazzy
38 events 5 reviews

I thought Tiny Beautiful Things was very thought provoking. Sugar... I loved her approach to all the questions and her truth usually the therapist listens and if they respond you never know who their response is about. I highly recommend Tiny...continued

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Peggy Glenn
Review from Peggy Glenn
7 events 4 reviews

WOW - everything about this performance was PERFECT - I only wish the hearing assist devices had worked better. If people pay full price for this amazing play and even more amazing performances by top-tier performers, they deserve to hear...continued

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Tania Hinton
Review from Tania Hinton
11 events 3 reviews

I loved every single minute of the show. Nia Vardalos is absolutely magical. I wish I could see it again.I think the show resonated with every single person in the audience.

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Mario Lopez
Review from Mario Lopez
5 events 1 review

Great performance . Unfortunately the audio was too low. I could barely hear the performers. which was a turn off.

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Marc Chasman
Review from Marc Chasman
1 event 1 review

Great show. Deep, thoughtful writing. Nia Vardalos was an absolute pleasure!

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