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Margaret Dembro
Review from Margaret Dembro
Red Velvet 19 events 1 review

I took my grandchildren to the circus Sunday night 7 PM performance. Very disappointed in our seats. My seat had obstructed view my grandson seat had a sign reserved for trapeze act. When it was time for the trapeze act to start my grandson had to...continued

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Review from sheila
39 events 20 reviews

A very entertaining show that had me smiling and clapping all night!

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Review from Celjoh76
59 events 12 reviews

Phenomenal ! World class ! Hilarious ! Fun !

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Jack Neary
Review from Jack Neary
12 events 4 reviews

Really Cute Variety Show of Circus Acts. Well Run and Well organized. Parking was easy and FREE, Ticket pick up was a breeze. Show was 2 hours long just about right,7pm show ended at 9pm,15 minute intermission at 8pm. Great Spot for the Venue,...continued

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Denise L. Keefe
Review from Denise L. Keefe
8 events 4 reviews

Their were eight of us attending three adults 5 children.
We were seated in section 9 in the last row. It's a small venue so they descent seats. The children rang from 4 to 15, they all enjoyed it!

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Review from Salsa
32 events 3 reviews

First the good part: Kids LOVED it. It's amazing for little kids, and still quite a good show. But Big Apple Circus used to blow your mind with acrobatics, trapeze, dare-devil stunts of wonder. It was a spectacle. This is an extremely pared-down...continued

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Lisa Jones
Review from Lisa Jones
15 events 3 reviews

it was a really good show! The acts were really great to watch!

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Review from Kenholb
24 events 3 reviews

It was the most incredible Big Apple I have ever seen. Just seeing the Flying Wallendas would have been amazing, but there were several other wonderful acts.

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The M Keffect
Review from The M Keffect
9 events 3 reviews

My daughter and I attended the early show and I have to admit I really enjoyed. The crowd wasn't overwhelming. Our seats weren't the greatest but one of the benefits of attending an earlier show was being able to switch our seats during the...continued

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Jennifer Stutto
Review from Jennifer Stutto
3 events 2 reviews

Great show!! My family loved it and the seats were amazing.

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Soutra Thou
Review from Soutra Thou
3 events 2 reviews

I'm a 39 year old adult and loved it. The kids loved it more than I. But the performance were very good. Food and drink cost is very expensive and not good. Don't bother to buy. Thought I was going to be cold because of the weather. But the tent...continued

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Review from Mary
3 events 2 reviews

Our family & various sets of our grandchildren have been enjoying the Big Apple in Boston over most of the last 17 years.
This year’s show highlighted some of the best performances we have ever seen And the Wallendas put huge frosting on the...continued

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Steven Blumenkrantz
Review from Steven Blumenkrantz
2 events 2 reviews

The whole thing was excellent!! From entering the tent, to the show, to the LIVE orchestra, it could not have been any better!!

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Paulette Amisano
Review from Paulette Amisano
2 events 2 reviews

This show is outstanding. From the live band, to the very animated clowns, to the amazing acrobatic feats. Highly recommend from young child to young at heart adult.

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Rosemary Boyle
Review from Rosemary Boyle
1 event 1 review

A wonder to behold for my 3 year old, my 35 year olds and my 65 year olds.
Loved it. (with the exception of the Woman Ring Master who's miking wasn't good and
was difficult to hear)

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David Manganis
Review from David Manganis
7 events 1 review

Amazing show! Would have gladly paid full price, but luckily I didn't have to! Thanks, Goldstar!

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Joshua Wright
Review from Joshua Wright
3 events 1 review

Besides the drab ringmaster, everything was fun, funny, and thrilling!

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Itamar Sangiorgio
Review from Itamar Sangiorgio
1 event 1 review

Enjoyable and lovely fun time with my family. Best show ever

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Mark Cresse
Review from Mark Cresse
1 event 1 review

Enjoyed all of it. Was assisted in getting a somewhat different seat to accommodate disability. 3.5 year old boy was entertained throughout, not an easy task.

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Alba Auriti
Review from Alba Auriti
7 events 1 review

Extremely entertaining, A memorable family night!!! See you next Year .

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