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Jaime Brainerd
Review from Jaime Brainerd
Red Velvet 31 events 2 reviews

Walked into an open room with small concessions to the left at the door. When you check in or pay for a show, they offer a variety of beverages and snacks. You can also choose to purchase a pair of fly-swatters $4 (one red, one blue) to use in...continued

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Shirley Mason
Review from Shirley Mason
86 events 22 reviews

ComedySportz is a wonderful show. The players are creative while keeping things in the family-friendly zone. I love it.

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Shirley Mason
Review from Shirley Mason
86 events 22 reviews

ComedySportz is always a fun time. The players are quick, clever and very talented. I stayed for the after hours show featuring Shakes Prov which was entertaining as well.

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Queen R
Review from Queen R
50 events 12 reviews

I have been going to Comedysportz for 20 years. It is funny and clean comedy! The staff is friendly and the snacks are cheap. It's great for a date night or a night out with the kids!

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T. L. Nicole Emanuel
Review from T. L. Nicole Emanuel
35 events 9 reviews

Goldstar customers must sit all the way in the back :(

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Review from Justin
94 events 8 reviews

If you enjoy community improv this is a fun time for the whole family. I'll be back!

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Margarita Lopez
Review from Margarita Lopez
11 events 8 reviews

It was good fun. We laughed a lot. We'll go again for sure. Recommend.

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Karri Carlson
Review from Karri Carlson
19 events 6 reviews

After hearing about Comedy Sportz for years, this is the first time I actually made it out to a show. It took a moment for both the players and the audience to get warmed up, but after about 20m I'd say everyone had settled in and was fully in the...continued

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Margaret Johnston
Review from Margaret Johnston
11 events 6 reviews

It was silly and contrived.

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Thomas Conrad
Review from Thomas Conrad
15 events 5 reviews

Had fun with the kids. My 8-yo volunteered to go up on stage and dance around with the group...he couldn't have been more thrilled!

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Review from jeanetteMoore
28 events 4 reviews

I took my 17 year old son, what a fun night!

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Allison Verville
Review from Allison Verville
4 events 3 reviews

A great show - so much fun for the whole family. I took my parents and my teenager and everyone loved.

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Kelly Ripley Feller
Review from Kelly Ripley Feller
26 events 3 reviews

ComedySportz was truly a lot of fun. They do a terrific job of incorporating the audience into the show. And they keep it clean so all ages can enjoy the experience. There isn't a lot of food or drinks so you may way to eat beforehand if you need...continued

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Review from lizbethsuebell@gmail.com
5 events 3 reviews

Fun night, good performers, is not an adult only venue, and having a dozen pre-pubescent boys in the front row was not only distracting, it made it difficult for other audience members to participate. I will give it a try again, hopefully with a...continued

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Cristy Gilmer
Review from Cristy Gilmer
5 events 3 reviews

Had a blast with our friends. Would recommend this as a fun night out for anyone. It was family friendly too!

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Review from KC
10 events 3 reviews

I went with my husband and friend, didn't really understand what it was. It turned out to be very good improv comedy with short "games" that pitched two teams against each other. It was family-friendly and a lot of fun. Highly recommended!

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Review from SoupHead
10 events 3 reviews

Improv, by nature, is hit or miss, and the final result can vary from night to night. On the night that we attended, the humor was decent... I've seen better. But, the overall experience at ComedySportz - getting tickets, being seated, and...continued

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Kristen Gabrielsen
Review from Kristen Gabrielsen
9 events 3 reviews

It was great, clean fun! We went with three generations... grandparents, parents, and grandkids and three generations loved it!

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Annette B
Review from Annette B
8 events 3 reviews

We had a blast! The Red and the Blue were both fabulous. My cheeks hurt from laughing so hard. We'll come back, and we're bringing friends!

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David Moe
Review from David Moe
5 events 2 reviews

7 of us, 3 generations attended and all laughed so hard. All our favorites were on stage that night which was a bonus. The incredible talent of the quick improv never ceases to amaze us.

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