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Northwest Children's Theater and School
at NW 19th Ave 1819 NW Everett St Portland, OR 97209
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Review from Jill
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My 10 year old really enjoyed this play, and it looked like most of the other children in the audience did as well. However, I didn't not, nor did my husband and sister. We found that the comedic timing was off and so many of the jokes fell...continued

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*"*A fresh flavor in this hilarious new version. Sam Burns is dashing as Robin. Kevin-Michael Moore (Sherriff of Nottingham) is delectable… Moore’s script is full of wonderful lines. Costumes by Mary Rochon are a fantasy profusion. A hoot for kids and adults alike!" —The Oregonian* *


Hear ye, hear ye! Attention! Et Cetera! It is I, the Sheriff of Nottingham (Kevin-Michael Moore), with terrible news for our peaceful, tax-paying citizens. The outlaw Robin Hood (Sam Burns) is at loose and at large, disturbing the peace, breaking the law, and generally causing all manner of havoc and mayhem in Sherwood Forest!

With King Richard away in the Crusades, his brother Prince John (Theo Buchanan) has been sailing the ship of England’s state in his absence. Understanding that a wealthy leader makes a good impression, I, the Sheriff of Nottingham (Kevin-Michael Moore) have naturally taken it upon myself to raise taxes on extravagancies like food, water, and shelter, and initiate a surprisingly lucrative thumb-tax. With the help of my trusty thug Sir Guy (Lucas Welsh), the monarchy’s profits have never been better.

This very reasonable action has been met with unanticipated acrimony and, shockingly, public resentment. And a certain character who calls himself Robin Hood (what kind of name is that, anyway?) has begun— please steady yourselves, gentle readers — STEALING from the RICH, and GIVING to the POOR. He and his co-conspirators say that in a nation such as this, everyone deserves to prosper! Ridiculous, I know!

Sources state he travels with a pack of unruly ne’er-do-wells, dubbed the “Merry Band” by his side and at his back (and occasionally in front of him). Robin Hood and this “fugitive four” present a direct affront and perpetual problem for me, the Sheriff of Nottingham (Kevin-Michael Moore) and, of course, to the noble Prince What’s-His-Name. John. Prince John.

Robin Hood’s Merry Band includes a motley crew of usual suspects of the worst kind: Will Scarlet (John Ellingson), Little John (Erik James), Friar Tuck (Bryan Kinder) and Much the Miller (Aidan Jung). Robin Hood is also rumored to be romantically involved with an unsuspecting damsel called Maid Marian (Jennie Spector). Someone must intercede if only to save a weak-minded woman from this pernicious suitor.

He is also said to associate with several characters of ill-repute, including The Kid (Stephanie Roessler), and other Sherwood Forestinians (like Claire Aldridge, Matthew d’Amato, Madeleine Delaplane, Marlowe Dobbe, Hayley Hanson, Joshua Hooper, Orianna O’Neill, Miles Thoming-Gale, Francesca Tricamo-Palmer and (gasp!) Rocky Whitehill).

Let us get down to brass tacks: Robin Hood’s obvious criminality and wrongdoings in the name of “goodness” and “justice, Sherwood-style” have no place here in my kingdom Prince John’s “Jolly Olde England”. Therefore, I, the handsome, fair-minded, patriotic and intelligent Sheriff of Nottingham (Kevin-Michael Moore) have issued a warrant for the arrest of this Robin Hood, whereupon he can be dealt with, Nottingham-Style.

I prithee, anyone having news about the whereabouts of this audacious outlaw and his accomplices, please contact the authorities ASAP! Tell them you were sent by me, the Sheriff of Nottingham (Kevin-Michael Moore). I understand Robin Hood’s outlandish, outlawish shenanigans will be witnessed by over 5,000 school children. This. Shall. Not. Go. Unpunished.

This show is sponsored by Kafoury and McDougal, Lawyers for the People, and is supported in part by the Collins Foundation, the Regional Arts and Cultural Council and Work for Art, the James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation and the NWCTProducer’s Guild.

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