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Review from thumper
Red Velvet 30 events 11 reviews

A lot of positive audience participation. Good selection of comedians.

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Review from MsDClay
28 events 12 reviews

Great original play set in the 50/60's but still regarding a topic of social angst today. With the title I thought it would be about Bebo and Bebo's loves and life but it was mostly about Lisa(?) and her loves and lives. Great show, great cast...continued

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Marla C.
Review from Marla C.
18 events 7 reviews

I went with a group of nine friends, and we had a great time. I laughed out loud and smiled so much that my cheeks hurt at the end of the evening. One friend said she laughed so hard that she snorted a couple of times. It was nonstop fun for...continued

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Chris Yurasits
Review from Chris Yurasits
12 events 6 reviews

Great group of comedians.

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Chris Yurasits
Review from Chris Yurasits
12 events 6 reviews

I was a little disappointed in the quality of the comedians. We have been there several times, but Saturday night was definitely lacking. We attend several comedy clubs in the area and we have always enjoyed Backdoor Comedy. I'll consider it a...continued

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Review from SB
5 events 5 reviews

I've been to the Backdoor Comedy show a few times in the past by myself and really enjoyed it so I took my wife after seeing the Goldstar deal.

You get ~10 comics doing about 5 minutes each so if you find you don't like a certain comic you're not...continued

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Review from Dave
20 events 4 reviews

small, intimate venue with good rotation of talent. Very nice!

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Review from SteveExelerCooke
7 events 3 reviews

Fun night out, small and intimate venue with a variety of comedians and comediennes ranging from the odd to the very funny

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Stacy Workman
Review from Stacy Workman
7 events 3 reviews

If you decide to go, just know that it is a very small venue with a single server providing table service. At the show we attended, only 2 of the comics were funny. The others were sad. I hate to say this but perhaps they would have been...continued

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Linda Mark Riederer
Review from Linda Mark Riederer
17 events 3 reviews

My seats were great but the show was lacking in talent. The venue required a 2 item purchase per person and their items were very very expensive. I would not recommend or go back to this event.

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Don Burr
Review from Don Burr
4 events 3 reviews

The show was funny at times... There were about 14 comics, some stayed up no more than 5 minutes, and some should no have been up at all. However there were 3 standout comics who made the night worth the trip.

Using Goldstar and the discounted...continued

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Review from stormsmall
46 events 3 reviews

These comics always provide a great comic look at the world. We laugh the entire time.

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Elena Power
Review from Elena Power
2 events 2 reviews

I was laughing, it was funny. You can listen to jokes and sip a cocktail. Tight space, nice atmosphere. I was with friends.

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Robin Thomas
Review from Robin Thomas
9 events 2 reviews

I was surprised at how many comedians performed in this small intimate setting. They were all good and some were outstanding. I would go back.

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Review from Cyn
2 events 2 reviews

The place itself is small (meaning you may have to share a table) and the comedians were just not very funny, except for the last guy. He was down right hilarious. I was glad he was last so we could end on a good note. One plus, was the food.

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Review from Linney
3 events 2 reviews

We enjoyed the show. Small venue which made is easy to see the comedians. Some of the comedians were entertaining, others not so funny, a few not funny at all. The temperature in the room was freezing. In fact, a few of the
members of the...continued

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Review from NJJ
1 event 1 review

At the later show, the comedy gets a little more risque I guess. There was some swearing. Probably 4 out of 10 comedians were truly funny.

A lot of the jokes seemed to be racially based, and contain profanity. That's not the type of comedy I...continued

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Bart Wadhwa
Review from Bart Wadhwa
1 event 1 review

Backdoor Comedy Club is an amazing experience. I love the relaxed yet energetic atmosphere, and the comedy is absolutely excellent. There's a great mix of professionals who are known all over the country and local talent who will soon become...continued

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Cecilia Vega
Review from Cecilia Vega
2 events 1 review

Could have been better. Seemed like some comedians were dreading being there. Couple comedians had me laughing my ass off though. Hit or miss

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Review from Avonda
3 events 1 review

Great variety of comedians. My group had fun and we enjoyed ourselves!

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