Castle park coaster
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Review from Nikki
25 events 13 reviews

The mazes were better than I thought ...I was really scared off the Clown and Zombie maze...and although there were only 4 mazes was worth the $

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Review from Ros
24 events 12 reviews

After being there for a couple of hours a storm came. We were given a hand written rain check to return anytime within 3 months and parking fee was refunded. I was satisfied. Taking the grandkids back next week.

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Donald Cowger
Review from Donald Cowger
23 events 12 reviews

Granddaughters love Castle Park, and I like the price. Had a great time.

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Donald Cowger
Review from Donald Cowger
23 events 12 reviews

My wife and I took the grandkids, they loved it (both girls, aged 5 to 7. I enjoyed the logride. Will come back again...

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JoanieDon Schleicher
Review from JoanieDon Schleicher
24 events 11 reviews

When we arrived at noon, 7 rides and the water park were closed. The latter finally opened 4 hours later. Despite a small crowd, the wait in line to purchase a drink was 27 minutes. Otherwise the rides were fun.

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Lu Lu Pam
Review from Lu Lu Pam
10 events 7 reviews

The best part, not a lot of people there so lines were five minutes. However, the rides are old and some kept getting shut down due to repairs throughout the day. Lots of trees to find shade. Be careful when getting off of the Sea Dragon, step...continued

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Diana Luers
Review from Diana Luers
14 events 5 reviews

Boys enjoyed the park rides but the water slides were strictly kiddies slides and not for 12+. No place for adults to cool down. Chairs for sitting in sun.

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Linda Moore
Review from Linda Moore
11 events 5 reviews

I was more than satisfied with this purchase. In fact, I was so happy that I'd like to do it again this coming August and include my daughter. Thanks Goldstar!!!!!!

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Review from Terrian
17 events 5 reviews

Went 2 days before Christmas and crowds were light with either short or no waits for rides.

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Joann Lacount
Review from Joann Lacount
48 events 4 reviews

the water park was nothing really that great for the kids
the game room nothing worked kept losing money on them
the ride was always going on break for half hour and they all was not working . will never go again

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Nichole Torres
Review from Nichole Torres
13 events 3 reviews

Great time. Good for small kids

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Mary Primack
Review from Mary Primack
4 events 3 reviews

I went last year, and was disappointed. I thought I would try it one more time. The prices is very reasonable for entry. The drinks and meals are costly. Unfortunately, for us, it was a hot day. It was very crowded. At the Golf Course...continued

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Mary Primack
Review from Mary Primack
4 events 3 reviews

It was horrible. All of our paperwork said the WaterPark opened at 11:00am. We got there about 11:30am, and we were told that nothing opened until 12:00pm...Try telling a 5 year old that she has to wait! It was aful. The staff everywhere does...continued

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Review from JHamms
8 events 2 reviews

Kids had an excellent time, value of the ticket was great...nice to be able to bounce around from golf to water to rides and back as they grew tired of one thing. Lots of tree filled areas to find some cool, seems they have added chairs for adults...continued

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Michael Driever
Review from Michael Driever
5 events 2 reviews

Many rides were closed. Minimum staff to run the rides and games. Employees moved from ride to ride or game to game to operate, so only a few rides and games were available at one time. The miniature golf course #1 needs some care so the balls...continued

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Review from hideez96
4 events 2 reviews

The Kids had a Fabulous Time. Water park was clean and cabana option was a plus. Rides had little or no lines which was great. The place is a bit run down, but doesn't really matter since we are not paying Disneyland prices. Great Time for a...continued

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Dorothy Nunez
Review from Dorothy Nunez
5 events 2 reviews

The park opened at 11:00; only the arcade and golf. The water area and rides didn't open till 12:00pm which is what we waited for. While in the water park my son left to purchase food and heard an announcement that the park was closing at 4:00pm...continued

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Valdez Angela
Review from Valdez Angela
5 events 2 reviews

unfortunately half the rides were closed the day we went:( but after I complained they gave us a nother visit for a different day:)

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Theresa Callahan
Review from Theresa Callahan
5 events 2 reviews

we will do it again Soon we had a Ball...

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Review from Iv
10 events 1 review

All attractions are awesome , food is good , Prices are awesome , lots of fun all day long.

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