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American Dance Institute
1570 E. Jefferson Street Rockville, MD 20852
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*Distant Memories

*‪This new ballet created by Ballet ADI Director, Runqiao Du, is a reflection of Du’s emotional journey from his departure of China as a teenager to a recent trip back with his family as an adult. Utilizing a provocative display of sounds, images, and movement, Du reflects on his current state of mind and self-identity in relation to his roots in China.‬

*Place Names

*A new work by Christopher K. Morgan, Place Names explores how names, language and labels can shape one’s identity. The places one leaves behind, runs toward and arrives at can change the perception of that person and how they are perceived by others. The piece asks, “How does one integrate all of these into a cohesive self?”

*To the Edge

*What lives at the edges? What happens at the edge that doesn’t happen anywhere else? What do the edges of climates, environments, ideas, and our bodies reveal about the internal structure and design? This new work, created by Dance Exchange in collaboration with our Summer Institute participants, explores the edges of our built and natural environment, and how our own edges relate, respond and react to the place and places in which we live in and travel through.

Also on the program, Morgan will present the world premiere of a currently untitled solo by renowned Choreographer Christian Von Howard.  Created on Morgan with the support of an Individual Artist Award from the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County, the work features original music by Kevin Keller and text by Pablo Neruda.

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