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Review from JoGo
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A gem of an local experience! The historical information presented by Captain Mike was very interesting and delivered with just the right touch of humor. My coworkers and I had a very fun and memorable hour on the river.

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Kelly Aragon
Review from Kelly Aragon
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A very enjoyable afternoon. I've lived in Sac for many years and never done this. A nice warm day, and it was fun to be out on the river. Met some tourists from out-of-state. It was a gift to my mom and she had a good time, so that's what counts!

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Hela Hamra
Review from Hela Hamra
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Drea Portis-Dial
Review from Drea Portis-Dial
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Awesome and relaxing tho it was so hot!

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Review from eSquared
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Boat crew was very good. Narration is difficult to hear over the sound of the engine(s). Best place to be is outside, up front to take in the view and hear the narration. Information is based on the history of the Sacramento River and select...continued

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Bill Trinkle
Review from Bill Trinkle
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Cruise trip was simple, easy & fun and well worth the $13.50 price. Beverages on the ship were very economical. There is no problem staying out of the summer sun while one the boat. The commentary added to the enjoyment of the trip. We are...continued

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Teri Lynne
Review from Teri Lynne
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Don't buy ticket for kid s under 4. I did......
They are free!! Also 4-10 is half price at horn blower ticket booth.

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Pauline buck
Review from Pauline buck
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Review from MICCI
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For the cost and effort to park, Service fee for three tickets, this was most disappointing! The one hour narrative really did not show much history and in 1/2 hr to and 1/2 hr back much to short a run! Disneyland river ride was more...continued

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Review from muffin
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Great crew. Everyone was really friendly and the one hour ride was just the right amount of time. Snack bar prices were reasonable. It was a wonderful way to enjoy the fall colors and beautiful weather.

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Review from Lucia
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Great relaxing one hour cruise. We would have liked more of a varity of snacks.

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dave pratt
Review from dave pratt
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Had a great time and learned a little more about our state capitol as we were having fun..

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Maxine Bailey Johnson
Review from Maxine Bailey Johnson
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Had a great time. Enjoyed the history and lovely views. I recommend this tour!

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Cynthiana Lynn
Review from Cynthiana Lynn
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Had a lovely time. Went with my daughter. The water & scenery is very relaxing & you learn things about Sacramento that even as a native I didn't know before. I have a service dog, although they said that through their reservation line it...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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I drove all the way from Grass Valley only to find out that there wasn't ANY parking. How dare you schedule this for the same day as the Sacramento Jazz Festival! All of the Parking garages were full, I drove around for a half hour and begged the...continued

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Serena Williams
Review from Serena Williams
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I enjoyed the historical details. The jokes were tolerable.

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Susan Lugo
Review from Susan Lugo
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I enjoyed the cruise and the weather was perfect. The narrator gave an interesting history of the region. On the minus side - the boat was full and seating was competitive. Would do this trip again on a quieter day. We were there on a Saturday in...continued

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Michelle Nichol
Review from Michelle Nichol
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I had a group of 7 people. I was very happy that I was able to get discount tickets for everyone in the group. My neices were here from Washington and they were excited to be on the boat on the river. I was excited they were able to hear the...continued

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I loved this ride .. Thy have mixed drinks wine hit dog chip soda and other things i love it because it was relaxing and a little history was nice . I

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Review from Goldstar Member
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I purchased these tickets for a family outing. I was not disappointed. Great little boat that could, captained by Capt. Marc. The speakers for the guided tour weren't the greatest but the light hearted script was.

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