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Jaime Saldivar
Review from Jaime Saldivar
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I was born and raised in Sacramento and never had the experience of having the I street bridge and the Tower bridge open to give us passage, and it happened going on this cruise. It was relaxing to ride down the river and hear a little about the...continued

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B. Moore
Review from B. Moore
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I was looking forward to this historical 1 hour cruise. The quality of the sound system was terrible so the tour guide was very difficult to understand. Surely there were more historical facts available than the few we got (my group consisted of...continued

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Elaine Gretlein
Review from Elaine Gretlein
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It is a good value with the Goldstar. Hornblower is set up to deal with the ticketing well. When I arrived, the ticket was already waiting for me. I purchased an additional child ticket. The crew onboard was very friendly and professional. ...continued

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Divina Macapagal
Review from Divina Macapagal
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It was a beautiful experience.I appreciate very much the guy handling the ticket that day.He made our day cos I drove from Lake Tahoe that am and missed my appt at 11am and he was so nice to give another tour. At 130 pm.Isn't he great doing that

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Laurie Piazza
Review from Laurie Piazza
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It was a fun experience. We enjoyed seeing the sights and hearing the history of the Sacramento River.

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Linda Perlin
Review from Linda Perlin
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It was a gorgeous day for a scenic cruise down the Sacramento River. Learned a lot about the history of the area and the geography of the downtown Sacramento. This cruise is an experience that can be enjoyed by all age groups.

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Margie S
Review from Margie S
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It was a lovely experience and the entire Hornblower staff was extremely cordial and professional. It was a delightful outing and I highly recommend going!

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Janet Quiggle
Review from Janet Quiggle
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It was a lovely day on the river. Ample seating. Drinks 's and snacks are cash only. Great around family outing. They have holiday specials.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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It was a nice way to enjoy Sacramento and the river. The staff was great and very nice. I would recommend it to anyone - local or tourist!

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Dee Lawrence-Henry
Review from Dee Lawrence-Henry
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It was a nice and relaxing hour on the river. I would do it again.

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Chelcey Lieber
Review from Chelcey Lieber
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It was a pleasant one hour cruise with some interesting facts about Sacramento and the river.

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Kimberly Koppinger
Review from Kimberly Koppinger
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It was delightful and relaxing, not forgetting to mention fun as well. The staff was polite and professional great narration from the captain. The hour long cruise was filled with intriguing history information. The passengers were friendly and i...continued

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Josh Croft
Review from Josh Croft
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It was good but not great. For $10 though it was a very good deal

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Janet King
Review from Janet King
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It was great! I liked the captains humor and the historian who told us what we were looking at.

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Review from Steve
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It was quite warm that afternoon. The fans on the lower deck helped a little. Metered street parking was available during the week day afternoon.

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Rosemary Cantwaittorideagain Nowden
Review from Rosemary Cantwaittorideagain Nowden
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It was such a disappointment as all it was ,just a very short trip approximately 1/2 mile each way up and down the river and not much to see, although the narration was great and the staff friendly. The actual trip was only about 50 minutes from...continued

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Stephanie Pagano
Review from Stephanie Pagano
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It was too loud to hear the person talking on the microphone because of all the people talking. The sound of the speaker wasn't loud enough. Wish there was some sort of transcript to follow along.

I wouldn't take people visiting Sacramento here....continued

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Michael D. Jackson
Review from Michael D. Jackson
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It's always nice to spend an hour on the river on a beautiful day, but the advertised "Historical" cruise was hardly that. A live narrator dropped a few tidbits about the bridges and a mention about the Pony Express and John Sutter. That was it....continued

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Jaime Woolridge Brennan
Review from Jaime Woolridge Brennan
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I’m not sure how to do this review….
After a 30 minute wait in the direct sun to get our tickets (101 degrees), we gave the "lady" who was tending the booth our printed confirmation. She barely looked at the paper before she rudely asked us if we...continued

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Review from Cc
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Just a gorgeous day for this one hour historical Sacramento River Cruise that was well narrated. We even got to see sea otters and sea lions besides the local marinas and restaurants along the river. Very enjoyable and relaxing and wonderful to...continued

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