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C. Hayes
Review from C. Hayes
50 events 36 reviews

This was a very enjoyable harbor cruise.. Very informative about the San Diego Harbor

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Rene M.
Review from Rene M.
42 events 28 reviews

This is the second time we have done a Hornblower 2 hour San Diego Harbor Cruise. It was a wonderful, relaxing cruise with excellent narration , particularly about all of the military ships in the harbor. Hornblower provides a first-class...continued

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Review from Sal
34 events 27 reviews

The two hour tour is broken to two sections that last about 45 minutes each. First saw the north side then the south side,both have a great view and very informative about San Diego Bay. They serve food and drinks so bring cash with you in case...continued

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Michele Garcia Main
Review from Michele Garcia Main
54 events 24 reviews

We have visited San Diego many times, but had never done the harbor cruise. It was a really nice sunny day and we were able to see all the navel ships and the view of the city. Very nice.

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Elena K.
Review from Elena K.
36 events 23 reviews

the boat was small and there was no deck seating. Disappointed.

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Review from BPM
40 events 22 reviews

great way to beat the heat. Obviosuly San Diego bay is not all that big - not much you don't see form the shore that you'll see on the excursion - but well narrated and leisurely.

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Kris Hizal
Review from Kris Hizal
33 events 22 reviews

Two very different tours. The northbound is very scenic while the southbound focused on the Navy shipyards. We really enjoyed both.

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Dan L.
Review from Dan L.
30 events 20 reviews

A tour of the south and north bays of San Diego. Everything was as described, but taking just one of the tours would have been fine. (There's a one hour and two hour version, each going along either the north or south bay.)

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Review from bbjeep
68 events 20 reviews

Great outing in San Deigo. Remember to sit on the RIGHT side of the boat for the North part of the cruise. If you are into the Navy ships, the right side is better for the South also. South is the Navy ships, North is harbors and the...continued

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Lisa Klein Padilla
Review from Lisa Klein Padilla
36 events 20 reviews

One hour is long enough especially if you do not love navy ships that was all we saw but the weather was perfect!

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Review from Maria
34 events 20 reviews

Wonderful cruise

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Tania Comella
Review from Tania Comella
58 events 19 reviews

Crude was okay. We could have enjoy more description on the sites. Clear voices and some music in between.

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38 events 19 reviews

It was a beautiful day for me at least a little overcast slight drizzle which was great. It was on time coming and going. You do need a sweater it tends to get a little chilly but you do have the option of going inside. I think the goodies they...continued

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Susan Fischer Guttman
Review from Susan Fischer Guttman
43 events 18 reviews

Fabulous! We got lucky and it was warm and sunny even though there were clouds.
Good information from the presentation.

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Review from Nancy
26 events 17 reviews

It was a lovely way to spend a November afternoon. Plenty of outdoor and indoor seating. The staff was friendly and the narration of the tour was cute and informative. I have had a place in San Diego for many years and had never seen it from this...continued

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Bob Moran
Review from Bob Moran
58 events 17 reviews

Nice cruise,large boat,plenty of room.Doing street construction directly in front of venue(Sept 2013)

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Review from HELEN SHEN
20 events 16 reviews

Great way to see San Diego for the first time. Tour is right next to USS Midway, you should see it after the boat tour.

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Review from Don
17 events 16 reviews

Sun, wind and the sights were magnificent, what a beautiful day on the harbor!

The North Tour was taken at a leisure pace and included breathtaking views of the San Diego skyline and a multitude of boats that were out sailing.

The Southern...continued

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Sally Bacon Logue
Review from Sally Bacon Logue
28 events 16 reviews

The 2 hour harbor cruise is actually two 1 hours cruises. Your take one part and the cruise comes back so 1 hour cruisers can get off and you remain on the boat and new cruisers get on and you go out again and take a different segment. This is...continued

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karyn driessen
Review from karyn driessen
29 events 15 reviews

My visitors and I enjoy the tour immensely. It's very refreshing to feel the ocean breezes and see the city from the water; and this tour is very well done. Thank you:-)

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