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Review from ACasino
39 events 12 reviews

It was a nice day out to start the July 4th weekend. Definitely, bring a light jacket even when the sun is out. The ocean breeze from the bay makes it cool and windy. We took the 2hrs cruise so, we stayed out the first half of the cruise and went...continued

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Review from cjenkins
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Second time for me. Was my wifes b-day and she loves the water, so I treated her and my oldest daughter. Weather was great, cruise narration was great and there was plenty of room to strech out and move about on the boat ( 3 decks). Also saw...continued

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Lynne Feldman
Review from Lynne Feldman
19 events 11 reviews

All four of us enjoyed it. It gave us a good perspective and the tour was conducted very professionally.

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Nancy Jones Gray
Review from Nancy Jones Gray
34 events 11 reviews

Although we have lived in SD for 20 years we have never taken this cruise and we loved it. We took our son before he left to return to NY. The tour guides were knowledgeable and pleasant. I'd recommend everyone to go.

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Review from Heather
40 events 11 reviews

Fantastic cruise!

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Review from August
26 events 11 reviews

I had never done this before, large boat, called Lord Hornblower, great views, I would love to do again.
It is windy on boat, bring a scarf or two!,
I have to say they really need better food choices.
The food choices are actually, bad. They...continued

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Review from lawnster
18 events 11 reviews

I took my cousins who are age 15 & 11 on this cruise, and we all enjoyed it. The day was beautiful and I would advise people to bring sunblock with them as well as a sweater, because depending on what side of the boat you are on, it could either...continued

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Sue Cundiff
Review from Sue Cundiff
20 events 11 reviews

It was a beautiful day for a holiday weekend. We enjoyed the cruise very much. The information provided made for a very interesting trip. My grandson (17) was visiting from Virginia and really enjoyed it.

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Review from SDcat
18 events 11 reviews

It was a beautiful day for the boat ride. We had brought jackets but didn't even need them. Overall, it was very pleasant. I do wish they had more speakers throughout the boat so it was easier to hear/understand the tour guide speaking.

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Review from ChrisR
19 events 11 reviews

My wife and I both enjoyed the trip onto the bay on a nice warm and sunny day.

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judy k lemm
Review from judy k lemm
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Narrators were excellent

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Review from gfr
36 events 11 reviews

Nice trip with plenty of room to sit or walk around. Trip on South side was more interesting then the one on the North.

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Regine Edwards
Review from Regine Edwards
12 events 11 reviews

The sound system on the back of the boat was garbled. Unable to understand Captain while describing the tour. We had to go inside to able to hear.
The tour itself is very nice.

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Geoff Smith
Review from Geoff Smith
25 events 11 reviews

This trip was a blast! thank you Goldstar for the discounted rates! Even with the slightly inclement weather it was a great time. The staff were great and very knowledgeable. Had a great time!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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This was a great way to spend a few hours on a hot afternoon. The boats were comfortable, the staff was knowledgeable and friendly, and there was a lot of information about the history of the area. The time flew by.

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Sue Cundiff
Review from Sue Cundiff
20 events 11 reviews

Took a friend that wasn't familiar with San Diego at all and learned about the Navy, Coronado Bay Bridge and the commerce in San Diego. Thought it was a great way to get introduced to SD.

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Juan C.
Review from Juan C.
47 events 11 reviews

Very enjoyable and relaxing. Great views of the waterfront, naval base and sail boats.

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Nancy Jones Gray
Review from Nancy Jones Gray
34 events 11 reviews

We enjoyed the smaller boat for the cruise. We've taken the Hornblower Cruise with out of town family many times. Kyle was a great narrator.

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CV Singer
Review from CV Singer
38 events 10 reviews

First time on a Hornblower Cruise. Except for the chilly weather, the tour was smooth and the guides did a wonderful job of explaining shoreline sites! Makes me want to try the dinner cruise next.

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Review from Sarah
22 events 10 reviews

Good trip, but the boat stops on the way back to let off the 1-hour cruise attendees. They say for a few minutes, but it's more like 1/2 hour! So really this 2 hour trip is only a 1 1/2 hour trip. The northern leg of the trip is not as interesting...continued

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