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David Hartman
Review from David Hartman
44 events 6 reviews

Great deal. would recommend to all!

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Review from Terry
26 events 6 reviews

Great experience seeing San Diego from the bay. Great ship, crew and narrative. Thank you.

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Julie Nguyen
Review from Julie Nguyen
32 events 6 reviews

I am happy with overall experience on the Hornblower cruise for 2 hours trip. There is a problem: I waited in line for half an hour only to be told before getting into the ship that the Hornblower was further down near the USS Midway, there is no...continued

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Lore Mayo
Review from Lore Mayo
19 events 6 reviews

I and my guests enjoyed it very much!
I live in San Diego and had not seen this side of it!
The crew was friendly and helpful!
I would recommend it very much!

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Roberta Cohen
Review from Roberta Cohen
24 events 6 reviews

I can't think of a more delicious way to spend a summer day than a 2 hour curise around the bay.

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Roberta Cohen
Review from Roberta Cohen
24 events 6 reviews

I liked it, but my enjoyment was deminished because there was no outside seating on the ship I was on. It would have been delicious to spend my time on an outside deck.

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Review from Jane
17 events 6 reviews

I took my my out-of-town guests on this cruise and we had a great time! The boat was comfortable, the crew very nice and knowledgeable and the bay was gorgeous, as usual. I highly recommend this cruise.

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Maria S.
Review from Maria S.
23 events 6 reviews

If you are into exploring the unknown the 2 hour cruise is worth. The cruise conductor was knowledgeable of San Diego's history and added humor to the tour as well. I found the South side to be much more entertaining than the North side. It's...continued

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Review from druhler13
23 events 6 reviews

It was a bit cool especially when going into the wind but otherwise outstanding afternoon.

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Review from Dave
14 events 6 reviews

It was fun. The people were really friendly and the tour of SD was great. I live here, and never knew most of the things the guide told me about. It is a really good way to see almost all of the major SD landmarks in two hours - with a rum and...continued

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Robert A. Garcia
Review from Robert A. Garcia
9 events 6 reviews

it was fun, and your definately better off paying a little more for the 2 hour tour. Here's the thing though, they take you out for an hour, and do half the bay. they then come back and pick up people again for the 2nd half of the tour. So if...continued

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Patrick J.
Review from Patrick J.
16 events 6 reviews

It was good. Some of the info was incorrect. Smoking on board is not good. Overall, good.

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Jeffrey Kahan
Review from Jeffrey Kahan
41 events 6 reviews

It was ok.

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Review from Pam
12 events 6 reviews

It was very fun. Will do it again.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
6 events 6 reviews

Just great! We took our 8 yr old grandson Saxon. He enjoyed it immensely. About halfway through the cruise he said he wanted to shake hands with the Captain. I said, "Well, we can ask." We made our way to the bridge and Capt Bill said he'll...continued

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Review from Gloria
44 events 6 reviews

nice harbor cruis, we had a great time.

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Review from Oscar
10 events 6 reviews

Perfect day, good narration.

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Review from Cindy
13 events 6 reviews

The Captain narrated for the first hour. He was very well-informed and articulate. The First Officer took over for the second hour. He didn't seem as savvy and was a bit hard to follow. It was a great way to see parts of the bay that you might...continued

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Anita and Peter Berk
Review from Anita and Peter Berk
28 events 6 reviews

The cruise should be booked as an hour and a half cruise. Between the North and South Bay "halves" the ship docked for about a half hour while passengers deboarded and boarded. A waste of time and made us wish we had opted for the one-hour...continued

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Review from Barbara
15 events 6 reviews

This is the second time we have done this. We just enjoy it do much. Our captain for the 1st hr was Jose and he was excellent. Second hr the captain spoke too fast

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