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William Roetzheim
Review from William Roetzheim
Red Velvet 110 events 52 reviews

Great job on this one. If you haven't seen Avenue Q yet, you should definitely catch this performance.

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Dianne Klein-Chavarria
Review from Dianne Klein-Chavarria
Red Velvet 110 events 52 reviews

we had front row VIP seats and it was so much fun!! i recommend getting VIP seats, and that also includes free parking.

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Jackie Daw
Review from Jackie Daw
124 events 73 reviews

This show was awesome! We had seen Ave Q on Broadway several years ago and this production was every bit as good if not better! All members of the cast were great but my special favorite was Trekkie Monster. The music was great too!

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Jackie Daw
Review from Jackie Daw
124 events 73 reviews

We really enjoyed the show! We saw the production last year at Ocean Beach and here we are again. The complete cast was excellent and the band was great too! We also saw this show on Broadway in New York and your production compares favorably...continued

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Ziva Gottesman
Review from Ziva Gottesman
99 events 69 reviews

The show was hilarious and the talent was outstanding! My only complaint, is that it was too hot in the theatre.

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Lois Mulcahey
Review from Lois Mulcahey
65 events 58 reviews

What a charming show. Sometimes we had trouble hearing everything, but we do anyhow. Only 130 seats in the teensie theater, so no BAD seats. The "Princeton" actor was outstanding - everybody was great. What a hoot watching puppets "making love."

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Review from rosalynsd
104 events 29 reviews

Excellent production and very entertaining! If you have ever watched Sesame Street you will really appreciate the humor...although this is definitely the adult version. Parking is scarce on weekends, but check out their website for parking...continued

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Larry Dawson
Review from Larry Dawson
62 events 28 reviews

Really great show. One flaw is some of the actors could be louder. It’s difficult to hear the lyrics at times.

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Peter Brooks
Review from Peter Brooks
87 events 25 reviews

Great show, great cast! A whole lot of fun!

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Michael Levine
Review from Michael Levine
88 events 25 reviews

Very good job in this community theater production of one of my favorite shows. The band was also excellent. Well worth attending

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Grace Villagomez
Review from Grace Villagomez
75 events 24 reviews

One of the best casts I've seen, and I've seen this show three times! Enjoyed every moment. :)

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Larry Zeiger
Review from Larry Zeiger
34 events 22 reviews

One of the most incredible theatrical productions ever! The cast was absolutely superb! Direction was brilliant! And the musicians were outstanding! This is my third time seeing this production at this venue! A superb, fun-filled, creative...continued

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Larry Zeiger
Review from Larry Zeiger
34 events 22 reviews

Terrific production! This is the 4th time I've seen it at the OB Theatre Company! Cast and direction are superb - and the musicians were excellent! I'll be back!!!!

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Neil Rothschild
Review from Neil Rothschild
28 events 18 reviews

This show was great and this new theatre is awesome. Ave Q is the best. Great cast!

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Marlene Fair-Fischer
Review from Marlene Fair-Fischer
22 events 17 reviews

Excellent! Fun! Laugh until you cry ... and then laugh some more throughout.

The production is fantastic as are the actors - and, of course, the puppets.

The venue is small but, oh my! Mighty in talent.

The new owner Bill was beaming from...continued

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Zoya Zolnikoff
Review from Zoya Zolnikoff
45 events 17 reviews

Hilarious comedy accompanied by a live band. Would love to see it again.

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Review from Dale
42 events 17 reviews

The show is always good and OB Playhouse did a decent job of it. Some of the puppeteers were a bit lax in pointing their puppets in the appropriate directions when singing but the production level was overall great. The person performing as Lucy...continued

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Review from Dale
42 events 17 reviews

The show was awesome. The OB Playhouse is an intimate theatre where the actors don't need microphones to reach the back of the room. All of them had amazing voices and managed the small space wonderfully. It's still in OB, though, so parking...continued

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Review from vica.ngo
36 events 15 reviews


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Review from joanhuskey@cox.net
57 events 15 reviews

Very funny show with great performers! Charming intimate theater.

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