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Don Griego
Review from Don Griego
Red Velvet 60 events 37 reviews

The Speckles Theatre is an intimate venue which provide seating with great views of the stage. The orchestra and chorale were great! The dancing was inconsistent throughout the production, but it was an enjoyable event to get one in the holiday...continued

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Renee Chen
Review from Renee Chen
105 events 20 reviews

Really good dancing with live orchestra, great seat!??

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Fabiola Yrizarri
Review from Fabiola Yrizarri
26 events 12 reviews

The show was really good. Loved the music and the performers were excellent. BUT....the seats were sooooo close together with
absolutely NO LEG ROOM. This put me in a very compromising position, since I'm a tall person. Needles to say, it was...continued

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Lindsey E
Review from Lindsey E
24 events 11 reviews

The Spreckles theater is such a small venue that you can't have a bad seat. It was a lovely afternoon.

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Karen Goldman
Review from Karen Goldman
14 events 11 reviews

We'd never seen this production before. It was fun seeing the orchestra in front of the stage (rather than in a pit). The dancing was surprisingly good. Definitely recommended!

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Bruce King
Review from Bruce King
39 events 9 reviews

In the orchestra A section there is a yery nice amount of legroom. I'm very tall.. And it was quite comfortable seating.
The show was FAB in every respect. WE LOVED IT.... Also including the opportunity to have pics taken in the lobby with the...continued

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Review from mililanim
34 events 8 reviews

Top flight Nutcracker. Gorgeous, upscale costumes.

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Debbie Gosch
Review from Debbie Gosch
22 events 7 reviews

It was just great!

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Mike R.
Review from Mike R.
16 events 5 reviews

Performance was great as usual!! I took extended family with me this year that exceeded the number of tickets I could purchase in one transaction. I followed the instructions on Goldstar, made 2 purchases, added my notes and viola(!) all my seats...continued

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Debra W Guttas
Review from Debra W Guttas
11 events 5 reviews

The 1st act was a little slow, but the 2nd act was great!

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Maris Brancheau
Review from Maris Brancheau
30 events 5 reviews

Very professional and beautiful.

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Melanie A Stewart
Review from Melanie A Stewart
7 events 5 reviews

Wonderful performance! Will recommend to others. Put me in the Christmas spirit and all the dancers were beautiful

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Richard Duncan
Review from Richard Duncan
7 events 4 reviews

Seats were in great location. Performance was enjoyable. The City Ballet troupe has developed nicely. Only a few miscues along the way. Great to see local folks in it.

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Review from Lizzy
22 events 3 reviews

A beautiful experience. Such fun to see so many parents and small children enjoying a classic way to celebrate the season. Dancing, costumes, sets all pleasing. Wondered why the ending was changed. Clara did not wake up from her dream.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
15 events 3 reviews

I love to attend the Nutcracker Ballet during the holidays with friends and family, it always gets me in the Christmas spirit! The music is beautiful and the performers are outstanding.

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Review from ZombieGiraffe666
25 events 3 reviews

It was cute. Not super professional though. Felt more like a ballet school performance with a few standout leads. The main dancers were were great, but a lot of the group dances were not synchronized (and not just the kids as you would expect)...continued

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Review from Judy
14 events 3 reviews


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Review from VANESSA
7 events 3 reviews

Overall the show was great to watch, dancers/performers were great as well as the costumes.

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Review from Judy
14 events 3 reviews

The Spreckels Theater is an ideal setting for performing the magical Nutcracker Suite Ballet. The scale of the venue is just the right size---big enough for grand stage setting, and yet small enough to feel intimate. The orchestra is topnotch...continued

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Shirley Saenz
Review from Shirley Saenz
7 events 2 reviews

Amazing !!

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