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Annette Mann
Review from Annette Mann
Red Velvet 283 events 253 reviews

We only saw one lazy whale who gave us a half dozen spouts and a couple of half hearted tail flips, but ship staff were informative, friendly and eager to please. The late afternoon views of downtown San Diego made the trip worthwhile.

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Rita the Dog
Review from Rita the Dog
Red Velvet 185 events 71 reviews

As has always been my experience, the staff of the Hornblower was great and the afternoon spent whale watching was delightful. Between the interesting announcements about natural, naval and historical features around the bay, the entertaining and...continued

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Rita the Dog
Review from Rita the Dog
Red Velvet 185 events 71 reviews

I was okay with the idea that we might not see whales but would at least have a nice cruise. Boy was I surprised! We soon found a small pod of three whales. At first we mostly saw them spouting and rarely saw a fluke, but soon enough we saw...continued

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Don Moore
Review from Don Moore
Red Velvet 103 events 44 reviews

Wonderful experience!

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Lisa Rothstein
Review from Lisa Rothstein
Red Velvet 81 events 43 reviews

Fabulous! A really amazing and awe-inspiring experience. We didn't see much at first and I understand that some trips are duds because the whales can't be forced to make an appearance. But after an hour or so of evasions and frustration we were...continued

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Anne S.
Review from Anne S.
Red Velvet 88 events 15 reviews

My husband and I took our 15-yr.old daughter and several friends of hers. We had a wonderful time and saw at least 6 whales and numerous dolphins. The on board volunteers were very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful...the captain even came around...continued

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Mary Guerrero
Review from Mary Guerrero
Red Velvet 54 events 5 reviews

It was awesome! We saw the whales spouting water and arching their humps and flipping their tails. Volunteer whalers on board were available for any questions and helped with spotting the whales.

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Review from Dusty
Red Velvet 3 events 2 reviews

I enjoyed the cruise a lot. I found it very relaxing, interesting, and could not believe the difference in the air once we left the harbor. In addition to being able to watch the whales and dolphins, informational presentations were available on...continued

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Review from Pedro
Red Velvet 5 events 1 review

On a whim, I took my wife on a Thursday afternoon in February to see some gray whales. We parked by the aircraft carrier - $10 for the day. It was a beautiful sunny day in the mid-70s and the sea was fairly calm. The Hornblower crew was...continued

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Barbara Blash
Review from Barbara Blash
64 events 34 reviews

Saw several whales at a time, pretty consistently, throughout the
3 hour tour. Roving Natural History Museum docents onboard
provided additonal info to both adults and kids.
Very informative and enjoyable outing!

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Review from Abraxas
53 events 32 reviews

It was fabulous! -- turned out to be a beautiful, perfect San Diego day. We saw about 6 grey whales (3 moms & 3 babies) --- but the REAL event was the hundreds & hundreds & hundreds of dolphin. I have done a lot of sailing through the years,...continued

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Bill S
Review from Bill S
46 events 31 reviews

The trip was very enjoyable. The captain would turn the boat around so everyone would get a chance to see the whales.Dolphins swam by the boat also.The youngest member got some good pictures of the whales and dolphins.

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Bill S
Review from Bill S
46 events 31 reviews

This is the second time I have been whale watching this whale watching season.My sister and friend from New York are visiting and wanted to go.We were very lucky as we got to see at least four whales.

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Patrick Higle
Review from Patrick Higle
50 events 30 reviews

Great way to get away for 3 1/2 hours. A bit windy and the seas were choppy, but we saw several whales. Would have been a bit on the expensive side if you had to pay full price at the ticket window, but Goldstar makes it a great value!

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Jose Garcia
Review from Jose Garcia
29 events 24 reviews

It was a very relaxing cruise. Very calm waters. Didn't get to see any whales just dolphins & sea lions. Complimentary tickets were given out because no whales showed up.

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Linda Lee
Review from Linda Lee
124 events 23 reviews

This trip was one of the best whaling trips we have been on. The captain of the boat was terrific finding the whales and dolphins, and was extremely informative. In addition a number of whale naturalist volunteers from the San Diego Natural...continued

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lynn mitchell
Review from lynn mitchell
37 events 21 reviews

Second time we have watch whales and like it more each time.
Suprised that we got a comp photo package. What a great way to end an enjoyable aftenoon.

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Lorraine Riddle
Review from Lorraine Riddle
52 events 20 reviews

I must confess I was not pleased with this cruise, except for my Floridian friend's presence. He helped me walk across the floor when waters were a bit rough. We viewed only a few whales, and always far away! I took many photos with my Smartphone;...continued

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Elsa Bandich
Review from Elsa Bandich
44 events 19 reviews

This is a must see for any local or visitor. We actually saw whales and dolphins. Fun for all

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Review from t.s.
33 events 16 reviews

I loved this excursion. The weather was great for a cruise. While we didn't see any whales, we did see thousands of dolphins. It was like the sea was bubbling with dolphins. It was awesome. I paid with an amex card so I received a comp photo...continued

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