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Plan extra time for parking. Harbor Dr. was a mess and even though we arrived one hour early, we barely made it on time due to heavy traffic and limited parking.

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Really enjoyed this tour! Exciting day trip for family and friends! Kids had a wonderful time. Food on board is comparable or you can bring your own! Fun time and exciting whale and dolphin spottings!

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Review from Mlo323
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Saw some whales and a great view of the city from the bay. The tips about bringing coffee and food were helpful. The Hornblower captain was great because the boat was respectfully following the whales, as opposed to a couple other boats out that...continued

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Jerry Mather
Review from Jerry Mather
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Ship was comfortable. Saw 2 whales in the distance. Don't expect them to come up to the boat. It was an OK day.

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Review from Marple
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Simply amazing. We were lucky enough to see several gorgeous whales, a beautiful seahorse and so many acrobatic dolphins, it was truly a wonderful experience. Even the weather was perfect.

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Paul Lambert
Review from Paul Lambert
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The whale watching event was amazing! The trip was about 3 1/2 hrs long, the capitan provides a harbor tour on the way out to sea and was knowledgeable about both the harbor and various whales that migrate through the region. We saw probably over...continued

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Paige Webb
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The accommodations on the boat were ideal...lots of sitting and viewing room. The docents from the museum on board were great, as was the knowledgeable captain. The catch is that mother nature won't always cooperate with a boat cruise. The weather...continued

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The captain talked us through and prepared us for big waves. Then he. Found those whales! We saw several. Then on the way back in he slowed and turned the boat just then we watched another pair. One of them started breaking and did it 5 times....continued

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Review from Merle
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The crew was very well informed and found a whale, dolphins, and sea lions.

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Review from Lorin
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The cruise was exhilarating. We did spot several whale spouts. However, there was really too much other boat traffic to allow the captain to get us in the area in which the whales were coming up.

The crew, particularly the captain, was...continued

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The cruise was definitely a success! We saw plenty of dolphins, plenty of whales, and learned some interesting facts about San Diego's bay and nearby attractions such as Shelter and Harbor Islands, the Cabrillo monument, etc. Dress in layers,...continued

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Review from Robin
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The day was beautiful, the seas were calm but the whales were hiding. Just before we got to shore a couple of gray whales did show but only for a short time. Hornblower did give "whale checks" since we didn't see many whales. I thought that was...continued

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Review from Kim
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The experience was great. However, I found the refreshments to be a bit expensive.

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Review from rafster17
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The three-hour trip was a great. We saw plenty of gray whales, which was great since it was my first time. Saw some sea lions and dolphins as well. The only thing that bothered me were the other boats. They seemed to be tagging along and...continued

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The trip was good only thing I was disappointed that the boat only faced the whales on one side the whole time so I couldn't really see them from the side I was on. Would have been nice if they would have been both sides evenly. he had no problem...continued

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Mary Jo Landen
Review from Mary Jo Landen
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The weather was perfect and the volunteer who explained about whales knowledgeable.
My reason for just ok, is we were scheduled for 3.5 hour cruise. The captain seemed to spend too much time waiting to see if whales would resurface. We were told...continued

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Review from Ryan
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The whales are migrating early this year, so it wasn't too long before we got off the coast of beautful San Diego that we spotted a gray whale. The trip was sold out, but there was plenty of space on the boat and it wasn't difficult to get a snack...continued

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The whole experience was great. Very informative and insightful. We were lucky as it was a beautiful sunny day and we saw 2 whales.

When we saw a huge pod of Dolphins the captain steered the boat straight towards them and they played around...continued

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Carol Kirkland
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This event was great. We saw 3 different species of dolphins, and several whales.

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Alison Harmon
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This is an awesome event that EVERYONE should experience! We saw several Gray Whales and a Megapod of Common Dolphins (actually this type is not so common). There were several thousand as far as the eye could see! And the crew was knowledgeable...continued

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