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Review from Qjmama
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We saw 4 different groupings of gray whales, including a mating group, which is unusual for them -- mating usually happens in Baja California. The captain was a good whale spotter and did a great job of tracking them and telling us where to look...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
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We saw dolphins and whales throughout the entire 4.5 hour trip, with a bonus of sea lions lounging in the sun on the way back. The captain knew just where the whales were and we got to see quite a show of whale spouts and flukes. The captain kept...continued

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Review from Cristan
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We saw one whale (the one that was stuck in the bay for awhile) and lots of dolphins and seals. It was FREEZING. Be sure to dress warmly as it's pretty cold out on the water. The thing I did really appreciate was the fact that they gave us free...continued

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Review from lpc
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We went in the afternoon and were able to see a couple of mom/baby whales and also dolphins! The dolphins were fun to watch because they swim right up to the boat. The day we chose to go ended up being cloudy and it was super cold & windy on the...continued

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Review from Christine
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We went on christmas. Unfortunately, we didn't see any whales nor did we see any dolphins. We did get a voucher to go another time, though. This is the second time we went and didn't see anything, so don't expect to be lucky every time.

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Christa Irvine
Review from Christa Irvine
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We went on a very cold and windy morning, so unfortunately, the conditions were overall not good for a 3 hour boat ride of any kind. The water was so choppy (I felt like I was riding on Splash Mountain!) and I normally do not get sea sick at all,...continued

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Review from Postcardstomom
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We were fortunate that the ocean, the sun and the whales where all inclined to offer us the best possible day. Luck of the draw I guess, but the excursion would have been fun and worth doing with any two of the above cooperating. The tour...continued

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Review from Pat
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We were in San Diego for a convention and had limited time available for tours. Unfortunately, the day we had for the whale trip turned out to be the only rainy cold day we had! We did not see any whales but we did see sea lions and dolphins. ...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
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Went during the week. Most amazing thing ever to watch males mating!

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Review from Adam
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Went on 1/11/12. Saw a fair few whales. One surfaced really close to the boat which was cool. Another highlight was all the dolphins playing in front of the boat on the return to shore.

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Review from Pcadava
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went with boyfriend , son and his gf..had a wonderful time! saw much more than we expected!! was so exciting to see wildlife that close up and personal! Would def go again!!!

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Review from Goldstar Member
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What a great adventure! To have both the Captain and the docent from the Museum of Natural History on board to describe the whale activity was such a bonus. Unbelievable opportunity to witness a Mom whale teaching her newborn calf how to...continued

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Darlene McAfee
Review from Darlene McAfee
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What a perfect Sunday outing. We saw several whales and hundreds of dolphins right next to the boat. The crew was friendly and informative also. I can't think of anything more enjoyable to do on a sunny San Diego day.

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Review from Goldstar Member
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When I lived in San Diego, I always took out-of-towners on this cruise. I have been on it several times and I still enjoy it. I recommend going in the early morning and during the week if you can. There are fewer boats on the water and the...continued

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Review from rustyab
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Wonderful experience. The January weather was sunny and the seas calm. The crew was very informative and capable, managing to find two pods of gray whales of three whales each for our viewing. It was a perfect day.

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Review from cfila3
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Wonderful experience. Had to travel close Mexican waters, but the captain's persistence paid off. Came across 3 different pods and was able to see 6 - 7 grey whales. Captured some great photos. Along the way, got to see other marine wildlife. ...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
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Wow...what a thrill! We got to see two Humpback Whales for well over an hour!!! They put on a spectacular show for us...like they knew we were watching them. They were so playful...just like the delightful dolphins that swam around us. The...continued

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