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Kathleen Frech
Review from Kathleen Frech
28 events 8 reviews

Sightings were few and just a little too far away. I would try again though. Next time a morning sailing might be better. Staff was very nice....

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Angela Aviles
Review from Angela Aviles
91 events 8 reviews

The experience was absolutely amazing. This is a must do when visiting SD & to get a great price thru Goldstar is even better. We definitely got more than what we bargain for & we would do it again!

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Review from Anonymous
15 events 8 reviews

This was a very nice day. The captain and staff were very pleasant and the weather was beautiful. We did not actually see whales on this trip, but we did see several sea lions and dolphins. We were given free return certificates for another trip....continued

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Review from jayglic
17 events 8 reviews

Very informative: both the captain who told us where to look for the whales and the naturalists who answered questions. Note: they ask for tips at the end.

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Donna Berner
Review from Donna Berner
16 events 8 reviews

Was a wonderful outing. I was amazed at the # of dolphins sighted and up close too. The whales (6) were awesome. The whole cruise was very exciting and I would definitely go again. It helped that the weather was picture-perfect. Bravo for an...continued

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Kathy Cazin
Review from Kathy Cazin
32 events 8 reviews

We saw several whales. The information from the Captain and the Naturalists were very helpful. It was a smooth ride and a great
day to be out in the ocean

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Review from TET
15 events 8 reviews

When I arrived to pick up our tickets, I was told the event had been cancelled due to choppy seas. When I asked about a refund or raincheck, I was told that Goldstar had our money. Goldstar obviously hadn't contacted us and we were out the $12 we...continued

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James Janette
Review from James Janette
19 events 7 reviews

Few whales, but from a distance

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Review from Diplo
24 events 7 reviews

I took an out-of-town friend out on the trip on Wednesday, 3/2 and we had a fabulous day. The seas were calm, the weather was good, the crew was friendly and informative, and we saw a lot of whales and, just as we were preparing to head in many...continued

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dianne steinkraus
Review from dianne steinkraus
22 events 7 reviews

It was a cool day so the boat was not crowded. It was easy to see the whales. We saw at least 6. The naturalists on board were very interesting. The captain was well-miked so we could hear his commentary as well. Best of all, we ran into about a...continued

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Review from szweifel
13 events 7 reviews

Perfect weather, calm seas. We followed at least 5 california grey whales, saw 5 dolphins, scores of sea lions, pelicans, cormorants, and of course the ever present seagulls.... we even saw JELLYFISH floating by! Crew and docents were all very...continued

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Flo Eckles
Review from Flo Eckles
13 events 7 reviews

Saw about 12 Pacific Grey Whales, was able to get real close and follow them plus one breached for us. That was quite exciting. Weather was wonderful, sunshine, warm, the boat was great and the staff too. All told it was a great experience

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Moneekers N Aneeya
Review from Moneekers N Aneeya
18 events 6 reviews

A huge boat with indoor and limited outdoor seating. A good 8 miles out into the ocean to catch whales. Please note that if it is overcast or very cold, the Captain told us that the whales would not make an appearance. We happened to be there when...continued

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Melinda B.
Review from Melinda B.
30 events 6 reviews

Even though we had been forwarned that we probably wouldn't see any whales so early in the season, I was still looking forward to a nice little cruise around San Diego. To our surprise we were able to spot whales on three separate occasions and...continued

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San Diego transplant
Review from San Diego transplant
7 events 6 reviews

Great crew and nice weather with multiple sightings of multiple whales -- fantastic!

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Review from Donna
64 events 6 reviews

Great day with narrations and also a presentation on whales by the Museum of Natural History. Because we only saw one small whale, Hornblower gave us passess to come aboard another time. Very
nice day

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Review from Bets
22 events 6 reviews

hundred's of dolphins! Last day of cruise, not much of whale sitings. Gorgeous weather and visibility. Would recommend!!!

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Lisa N Varon Kelly
Review from Lisa N Varon Kelly
15 events 6 reviews

It was awesome.We sighted 5 whales and a large group of dolphins.It was the best sighting I' v had and I' v ben on many boats.I highly recommend going.

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Review from Jane
17 events 6 reviews

My friend from out of town and I went on the 9:30am cruise and had a wonderful time. The crew were very nice and informative and Captain Jeff was very entertaining. We saw 3 whales as they were going north toward Alaska and were able to stay with...continued

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Review from Jane
17 events 6 reviews

My son had a half-day at school and so we decided to spend the afternoon whale watching. Although it was pretty cold, we saw several whales (some of them VERY close to our boat) and a huge pod of dolphins. As always, the crew was super nice and...continued

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