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Sharon Lockett
Review from Sharon Lockett
12 events 6 reviews

No Whales but close to 1,000 Dolphins!!! The crew was great especially the captain!!!

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Pat O'Connor
Review from Pat O'Connor
38 events 6 reviews

So much fun. Saw several whales and dolphins. The captain did a great job finding the whales for us and explaining how whales live. Very informative. Beautiful day! Would go again!

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Sharon Lockett
Review from Sharon Lockett
12 events 6 reviews

The cruise was excellent except for the choppy waves! I usually don't get sea sick but this time I wanted to get off of the boat but of course could'nt because we were far out in the ocean! Seeing the whales was an event/experience that was so...continued

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Review from Oscar
10 events 6 reviews

Unfortunately we didn't see whales. It was terrifice getting out on the ocean for a bit. The Navy was doing ops and the dolphins were plentiful. The nice thing was we got "whale checks" for a future whale watching or harbor cruise. Highly...continued

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Mike M
Review from Mike M
11 events 6 reviews

We went on the tour without knowing that it was the last week of the whale watching tours (4/20). It was a PERFECT weather day with only mild swells. We had 3 volunteers from the San Diego Natural History Museum on board that really enhanced the...continued

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David Denmark
Review from David Denmark
14 events 6 reviews

Well we picked a fantastic day - MLD day 2011. The weather was phenomenal, in the high 70’s by the time we landed at 1pm. The whales cooperated very nicely as we have 6 sightings (anywhere from 100 to 400 yards depending on the situation)....continued

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Review from Vicky
5 events 5 reviews

Captain Bill and crew went out of their way to show you a good time. We saw lots of whales. I especially liked the way the captain anticipated where the whales were and would be. He didn't crowd or harrass them. Just respectfully approached them,...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
10 events 5 reviews

A fun adventure staring with the first spoting of a whale flume to the last whale tail. Saw mumerous graey whales and scores of frolicing dolphins.
Don't forget, the water gets choppy so wear sensible shoes. If you get sea sick, use a patch...continued

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Linda Long
Review from Linda Long
27 events 5 reviews

A great time. Saw whales and plenty of dolphins

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Denise Richards
Review from Denise Richards
14 events 5 reviews

I took my family for my husbands birthday. We spotted 2 California gray whales. The best part were the dolphins! Hundreds of them. They came right up to the boat. The narration by the captain was excellent. The captain and crew were friendly and...continued

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Amanda C.
Review from Amanda C.
16 events 5 reviews

I went on the 1:30pm trip. After a few blow hole, and tale views out of the water. It was pretty boring afterwards. YOu could see the dolphins along side the boat as we moved. They were pretty cool to see. I'd rather paid the money and just...continued

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Juan Carlos
Review from Juan Carlos
6 events 5 reviews

I went on the 930am cruise with my family and had a great time. We saw 2 gray whales after a bit of a wait (lots of spouts and flukes)but then were able to follow them for the better part of an hour. The captain made sure both sides of the ship...continued

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Maris Brancheau
Review from Maris Brancheau
29 events 5 reviews

IF and it's a big IF you want to go on a long boring boat ride and see tiny sprays of water and a few whale tales then this is the trip. Soooo glad I used goldstar as I bought three tickets and full price at the dock would have been $93. This was...continued

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Lutheranmichelle Carlson
Review from Lutheranmichelle Carlson
9 events 5 reviews

It was a fantastic experience. The captain knew where to look and helped us the see the whale spouts and flukes, while respecting their space.

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Ale V. Ba
Review from Ale V. Ba
13 events 5 reviews

plenty of whale action. please arrive early to pick up tickets. harbor drive gets pretty congested. plenty of parking on the corner of broadway. might be a good idea to stay off harbor and park on adjacent streets. overall, great experience. ...continued

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Gail Roberts
Review from Gail Roberts
10 events 5 reviews

Very enjoyable and the whales cooperated.
Good value.
Gail Roberts

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Review from Jessica
7 events 5 reviews

Was so much fun, we saw a whale jump out of the water and twist in the air! The boat was great, large with many decks and a snack bar.

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Kay Madore
Review from Kay Madore
9 events 5 reviews

We had to go out 12 miles to see the first whales and the swells in the afternoon were really big. Most of the passengers were turning green so be prepared for that.
But the captain made sure we got to see plenty of whales. The first group...continued

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Tracy Engel
Review from Tracy Engel
6 events 5 reviews

We went very late in the whale migration season and regretfully did not see any whale, however, there was a mega-pod of hundreds of Risso's Dolphin and many other critters of the sea. The day was gorgeous and the volunteers from the museum of...continued

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Review from 007
12 events 4 reviews

Because of global warming, the captain explained, gray whales delayed their departure from Alaska to travel to Baja California. We did not see any whales and received a free ticket to return again. We went on Christmas Eve day and whale watching...continued

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