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Review from dogman2186
5 events 4 reviews

This was my second trip on the Hornblower whale watching trips. Great trip out into the Pacific. Saw sea lions and dolphins on the way out to the deep area where the whales usually are. Although the captain said we had gone out further than usual...continued

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Chris Bennett
Review from Chris Bennett
5 events 4 reviews

Time well spent. Lots of down time so a great choice for reunions, get-togethers, or get-to-know-yous. A great way to experience San Diego for in-landers. I would do it again.

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Linda Wilson
Review from Linda Wilson
9 events 4 reviews

We actually saw a whale that was still heading south which at this time of year they are going north. He or she came up several times and we saw the fluke (tail) a lot. The day was gorgeous with very calm seas. The captain kept us informed of...continued

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Vonnie Jordan Sheadel
Review from Vonnie Jordan Sheadel
6 events 4 reviews

We had a wonderful experience. We saw several grey whales and perhaps a couple of dolphins in the distance. The crew was very informative and the ship was comfortable. We didn't have any trouble with sea-sickness. I would do it again!

Just so...continued

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Diana Proud-Madruga
Review from Diana Proud-Madruga
15 events 4 reviews

We had originally planned to go the Friday after Christmas. I am very happy to report that BEFORE we left the house, we got a call from Gold Star letting us know that the trip had been cancelled. We were very impressed at the level of service (not...continued

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Jean L.
Review from Jean L.
6 events 4 reviews

Whale-watching was so much fun! We didn't see any whales, but the cruise itself was very comfortable, and a great time to spend with family and friends! We did see some dolphins, a sea turtle, and some seals. the people at Hornblower were...continued

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Review from Dave73
7 events 3 reviews

A good outing for those aho are not seesick. As this was very late in the season, we only saw 1 whale, but we followed it for a while and everybody was able to watch it many times coming in and out of the water around us. What really impressed me...continued

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Rhanda L Fields
Review from Rhanda L Fields
4 events 3 reviews

Awesome boat and narrator! We saw quite a few whales too! Highly recommended!

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Daria Flores
Review from Daria Flores
29 events 3 reviews

Beautiful day but no whales (and there is no parking for $5 a day.) The crew was pleasant and I was pleased there were binoculars for rent ($5.00) so I could get a pair for my grandson to use.

The only major problem was that there were no...continued

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Review from Sherri
15 events 3 reviews

Captain was in contact with other boats around and we were able to locate about 9-10 whales, several were in groups of three. What a sight!

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Jan savage
Review from Jan savage
4 events 3 reviews

excellent, unusual sightings! Knowledgeable staff!! Great way to spend the day!

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LouLou Mataya
Review from LouLou Mataya
5 events 3 reviews

From what a couple of the people that worked there were saying the morning cruise probably has better viewings of whales and dolphins etc.

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Review from kathyeure
11 events 3 reviews

Great day on the water whale watching. We saw 7 gray whales and one put on a show for us, coming out of the water three times! The beautiful Santa Ana conditions gave us blue skies but windy.

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Selwyn Solomon
Review from Selwyn Solomon
4 events 3 reviews

Great kid friendly event. Perfect for out of Towners. The commentary from the captain thoughout the trip is very informative and essential to the trip. Whale sightings are incredibly exciting and nothing else compares to it.

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paul glibert
Review from paul glibert
15 events 3 reviews

great time. Polite, helpful staff. Capt. Bill was fantastic. Saw whales up close the whole time. One forgets how nice it is to live here in San Diego.

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Review from cosmoblivion
3 events 3 reviews

I called Hornblower ahead of time to double check regarding best times for whale viewing & was told anytime is good.
Once on the cruise, I learned that the Navy had started its underwater sonar program a week or two before. As a result the...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
4 events 3 reviews

i have taken 2 such cruises - once in san diego and once in alaska - before and never seen any whales. this time i finally saw lots and lots of spouting and tail flukes and even a young whale twirling up out of the water like a dolphin and...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
5 events 3 reviews

I previously attended a Hornblower cruise and this was just as well with the only difference being Whale & Dolphin watching. The captain was very informative and pointed out many of the interesting sights along the way and combined many...continued

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Sandra Simmons
Review from Sandra Simmons
7 events 3 reviews

I purchased my ticket with Goldstar days before I was to go whale watching. On the day of the event, it was raining. When I arrived at the ticket booth Hornblower offered to exchange my ticket for another day. That was nice, however I went...continued

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cameron milbrandt
Review from cameron milbrandt
13 events 3 reviews

If you are expecting to see a lot of whales don't get your hopes up. We saw two, but they hardly came up out of the water. If it wasn't for the 100s of dolphins we saw, I would say the 3 1/2 hour boat ride is not worth it. But I guess it depends...continued

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