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Review from WSavage
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Our experience on the Whale Watching cruise was AMAZING! The crew was awesome with a good sense of humor. We saw a Fin Whale multiple times but the most amazing experience was seeing a pod of hundreds of dolphins!!! Even if we hadn't seen...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
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Saw lots of whales--spouts, flukes and even the belene from one juvenile who put on quite a show for our ship. Knowledgeable staff, friendly and lots of opportunities for viewing

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Review from Goldstar Member
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The cruise offered a good view of San Diego and we saw one whale, but it was a long cruise - 4 1/2 hours on a rather cold afternoon for just one short whale sighting. Would have been better if the weather was warmer.

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Elisabeth G. Smith
Review from Elisabeth G. Smith
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The cruise hosts volunteers from the Natural History Museums who make an excellent presentation at the end. Very enjoyable.

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Robert J. Kilian
Review from Robert J. Kilian
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The Hornblower Cruises made good on their guarantee to give a second trip if no whales were seen. It turned out that the weather was awful, we saw no whales, and we had to return early to port.

The Hornblower gave us passes that are good for...continued

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Review from matt_piniol
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The trip started off near the downtown "gaslamp" district in San Diego. We set out to the Pacific on a ship much larger than I anticipated. Cruised out into the open ocean for about an hour and a half to see a few different whales being whales....continued

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Review from evelynnb
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the weather was perfect, we saw a pod of dolphins, seals and a few whales, even a humpback whale. one of the whales breached on three different occasions. i have done this before but have never seen anything like this before. i took my two...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
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This may not be as much a review of the Hornblower Cruises & Events as it is a review of the whalewatch. We did see some spouting and a couple of humps about 3 miles away. The boat was clean,the ride was smooth, the employees were polite. It was...continued

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jean martinez
Review from jean martinez
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Took a 1st time whaler, we didn't see the BIG SPLASH but rest of trip was really great. Was envious of those getting ready to board for next cruise.

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Review from Goldstar Member
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Unfortunately, the whales weren't cooperating, so we didn't get to see them. But, Hornblower gave everyone a "whale check" so we can try again within the next year. The cruise was very enjoyable and the staff was great.

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We bought these tickets for students at the College of English language in downtown San Diego. It's probably the BEST price out there for the 4 hour boat ride to check out SD's awesome whales. Definitely a great activity, but remember the...continued

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Alanna Peters
Review from Alanna Peters
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We had a WONDERFUL time! It was a beautiful, sunny, calm, clear day. We saw three types of whales and LOTS of dolphins. We saw a couple of Minke whales right near the boat, and several Gray whale spouts. We saw two humpback whales that did all...continued

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Yenthao Pham
Review from Yenthao Pham
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We had perfect weather. The captain was very good., he followed a whale for 1.5 h. It was very cool, but at a distance. we saw lots of dolphins and some sea lions. also a very rare fish mola mola. dress in layers. parking is $10, right next...continued

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Margie Reeve
Review from Margie Reeve
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we took the cruise on 1/25 the weather was a little windy making conditions choppy for those who get sea sick easily,we were not part of that group thank god! we had 4 adults and 4 children in our group and were delighted to see whales,8-10?? we...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
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We went on Tues. March 10th. Beautiful sunshine, little wind or ocean swell and whales galore!
First we passed by the "Bay Whale" then once around Point Loma it was Porpoise, Gray Whales, and the occasional Sealion. But at the 9 mile area is...continued

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Review from Gabby
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Whale watching was amazing we saw 6 gray whales and the best thing about it was the crew would slowly glide close to them and inform us where they were. We followed them for a great distance and time. I recommend this event highly. The only...continued

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Emily Barbee
Review from Emily Barbee
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Wonderful trip! One of the highlights of my time in San Diego. We followed a pregnant grey whale and then saw an enormous pod of dolphins towards the end of the trip! The staff was very informative and we had such a great time! Highly recommend...continued

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Review from mzsmith
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Wonderful whaling trip on the Hornblower. We saw several pods of 2-4 whales. At the very end, one breached over 10 feet in the air! Spectacular. The San Diego Natural History Museum naturalists were very helpful and informative, as well as the...continued

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A great day for whalewatching! We had the unique opportunity to see a baby-whale born right there, it's mom and 'midwife' helping it with the first breathes and sips of milk...a male to the back of the boat for protection.

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Absolutely enjoyed this tour. The crew and volunteers from the Natural History Museum were extremely knowledgable. Once in a lifetime event as we were able to witness numerous "flukes" and a multiple "breach"......

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