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Jodi Franklin
Review from Jodi Franklin
Red Velvet 3 events 1 review

We had a great time! Thank you!

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Review from psylaw
138 events 17 reviews

Went there with the whole family, loved it, great show! Food was good, the hospitality and the extra care of the owner made is special. Well worth the price of a VIP ticket.

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Xiomara Hiller
Review from Xiomara Hiller
68 events 12 reviews

OMG, third time here and it does not fail to surprise , enchant, and leap over the top!

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Xiomara Hiller
Review from Xiomara Hiller
68 events 12 reviews

This was way beyond our expectations! We would have gladly paid just for the dinner alone, no spoilers, but go, you will not regret it!

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Review from Dearcy
30 events 9 reviews

Although the performers were outstanding, the shorts ribs & mash potatoes was great, the salmon tasted old alongside the rice. The salads good, I wish they had ranch instead of vinaigrette. Oh the cocktails are great, wished they had hot bread....continued

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Isabella Vega
Review from Isabella Vega
39 events 9 reviews

The dinner was wonderful, very tasty. There were magicians roaming around the tables doing tricks and they were very engaging and that was fun. The only thing was that the main magician came on so late and his performance seemed to last only 15...continued

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Review from BGCat999
20 events 6 reviews

Absolutely worth the trip! Great dinner, awesome entertainment. 3 fun filled hours that we highly recommend to anyone who loves magic, especially when paired with good food. Might be tough for kids under teen ages just due to duration. But so so...continued

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Titi Nguyen
Review from Titi Nguyen
60 events 6 reviews

It was an amazing show as you’re entertained throughout the evening. Food was also good. Would recommend the salmon.

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Paula L
Review from Paula L
12 events 6 reviews

This was such an enjoyable evening. My husband and I went for date night and were very entertained. The meal was quite a large portion and very tasty. It was such a charming venue and event. Super cute and fun. I would recommend this if you are...continued

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Guy Larsen
Review from Guy Larsen
38 events 5 reviews

Ok....if your looking for a Las Vegas show.

Go to Vegas.

This is a family run show and worth going to, we enjoyed ourselves. We dont drink and thank God for that, maybe it's me but I just cant see spending $28 on a cocktail.

The balloon trick...continued

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Trisha Traylor
Review from Trisha Traylor
12 events 5 reviews

What a wonderful experience

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Lori W Frank
Review from Lori W Frank
26 events 4 reviews

A fun night out! Small intimate theater. Good show food, service with tableside magicians during dinner all done with humor. Very entertaining!

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Susan Bryant
Review from Susan Bryant
18 events 4 reviews

It was a five star experience! Walking in and waiting to get started was so much fund with card tricks and photos. The safe room was my first experience and such a treat. The food was amazing! It was cooked to perfection! My hat goes off to...continued

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Review from DawnB
15 events 3 reviews

I don't want to give away the details because it would ruin the fun of the experience. Very unique and entertaining. The food was good, the service was good, and the ambiance and attention to detail was awesome. My only disappointment was I...continued

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Sandra Nooe
Review from Sandra Nooe
10 events 3 reviews

This experience was a total surprise. We went with our friends and laughed, were amazed and impressed throughout the evening. The food was fabulous and large portions to fill any tummy size. The whole experience was such a delight, I will...continued

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Howard G
Review from Howard G
7 events 2 reviews

Charming venue that is both a magic shop and 40 person restaurant. The owners and multitalented staff are wonderful. The roaming magicians are fun. The main show is excellent and entertaining. The food is good. A neighbor had the salmon which was...continued

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Brian Hess
Review from Brian Hess
2 events 2 reviews

Fun evening! The whole concept was great, I think the main thing they can work on is the disjointed feeling and food. I feel like all the ideas were not quite flushed out yet, but had the potential to be truly awesome. The food unfortunately was...continued

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Yumi Bringentoff
Review from Yumi Bringentoff
9 events 2 reviews

I was so amused from check in to the very last minute of the show! I am definitely coming back with other people to share my experience. The best time I had in so long!

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Stephanie L Hunter Semien
Review from Stephanie L Hunter Semien
17 events 2 reviews

It was exciting and fun from the time we entered the magic store to the secret escape room and onto the main area. It was a great date night with my husband. Thank you for the joy and entertainment. Also, the meal was delicious!!!

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Radoslaw Zimnoch
Review from Radoslaw Zimnoch
4 events 2 reviews

Such a fun night. It exceeded our expectations for my wife and I. It was a solid 2.5 hours and it was so entertaining the whole time. We would highly recommend it to others for sure!

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