Hornblower harbor cruise 121112
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Review from Anitare
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The guide on the ship was apparently limited in his knowledge of the area for he did not share much information. There is a lot of dead time on the ride--I expected to learn more. The staff on the cruise were tiding the deck, and making a lot of...continued

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Review from DeathStarDoll
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The North Shore cruise was very nice. You had a great veiw of downtown San Diego among others. The weather was PERFECT! Good times!

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Angel Cuevas Monfort
Review from Angel Cuevas Monfort
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The tour was more a description of the navy ships in the harbor and wasn't what i expected. however, the crew was nice and the boat was clean.

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Brechin Sagacity C
Review from Brechin Sagacity C
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The weather was beautiful and the boat was a large, comfortable vessel. I had been on these Harbor Tours before and enjoyed them, however this one was a great disappointment. We took the South Harbor Tour as it worked out best for our schedule,...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
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Three daughter, two granddaughters and I took the one-hour Harbor Cruise. Although there was a large crowd on the Labor Day Holiday, everything went very smoothly. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and the views of the city were awesome.! A...continued

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Danny Oliva
Review from Danny Oliva
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Took my two year old. He loved it for about 20 mins, then got a bit bored. Its a great, relaxing, little getaway, but just a bit too long for little ones.

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Review from Goldstar Member
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Took the south loop cruise. Beautiful day, relaxing cruise. Went by the shipyard and received lots of interesting information.

Only downside was that Hornblower had no record for my having paid. I had my confirmation email printed out, but I...continued

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Rancho Del Sol
Review from Rancho Del Sol
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very informative and peaceful trip

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Review from Goldstar Member
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very nice cruise. I was afraid I would get sea sick but the ship was smooth and fast. The snack bar on the ship was a plus. We enjoyed the savings from using Goldstar for our 9 people group.

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Review from LadyMsKiere
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Very nice little tour with friendly staff. We even saw dolphins :)

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Review from Goldstar Member
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We enjoyed the cruise, we took the 1 hour and thought that it was just about right. Windy going out but real nice coming back. Captain was very informative. Worth going for the money.

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Lisalou Smith
Review from Lisalou Smith
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We had arrived late, so we rushed to the boat and the ship hands were wonderful! They checked over my email confirmation and there were no concerns over whether we had paid or not. The tour was lovely, and the captain was full of news and...continued

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Val Kennedy Ewan
Review from Val Kennedy Ewan
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We took an out-of-town guest on the South Bay cruise and loved it. The one-hour cruise was the perfect addition to our schedule before lunch downtown.

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Review from thinkblue
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We took the one hour 3pm north bay cruise, which was very beautiful and relaxing. The weather was perfect and crew was very knowledgeable about every random building, area, and boat around the harbor. Our ship was the lady hornblower and I def....continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
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Well worth the Goldstar price.

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Review from April
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Went on the North Bay cruise and saw things that I have not seen in my 30+ years in San Diego. Enjoyed it a lot!

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james curtis
Review from james curtis
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what a wondreful experience. Adults loved it, kids still talking about it! Thank you.
Riverside tourists.

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