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Don Moore
Review from Don Moore
Red Velvet 108 events 44 reviews

Great show and delicious dinner…our waiter was also lots of fun.

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Review from DG
Red Velvet 34 events 14 reviews

I was expecting the food to be below average and the show to be after the dinner and somewhat extensive as with the typical dinner shows I have attended. The food was quite good - most dishes were well prepared and presented with a very good...continued

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Leslie Johnson Leech
Review from Leslie Johnson Leech
128 events 58 reviews

The venue is really nice but the performance space if tiny. We were lucky to be seated right at ringside. Many diners were seated far away from the dancers and there was only one dance where the dancers circled the room. One needs to see the...continued

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Miriam Iosupovici
Review from Miriam Iosupovici
52 events 35 reviews

First time, so had no idea what to expect: food and service excellent (had filet mignon, friend had salmon; excellent appetizer and dessert choices), we were seated right next to the small dance floor and the four dancers were superb. We were...continued

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Barbara Blackwell
Review from Barbara Blackwell
39 events 22 reviews

Restaurant seated us early in reserved Goldstar seating (immediately by dance floor). Meal and service were excellent. We had the filet mignon and salmon - both wonderful with an Argentinian Malbec and great cocktail - The Evita. The young...continued

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Joy Magallanes
Review from Joy Magallanes
39 events 22 reviews

The pix price menu was ok - loved the appetizer and the dessert. The meats were not too tender. The show although short was very entertaining.

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Mark Williams
Review from Mark Williams
29 events 17 reviews

We had a good time. Food was excellent, service was good. Entertainment was fun! Recommend it.
We will go again.

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Review from lmrgutierrez
30 events 13 reviews

Excellent food, drink, costumes, and dancing. Parking is close. Venue is small and intimate. Dancers are right in front of you. Music and service is great. Go early for appetizers.

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Review from Francesca
20 events 12 reviews

We had the most fun. Great Food Great Service and THEN we get to participate. Dancing with my date as well as the pros FUN FUN. Sweet people. I would do it again

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Marjorie S.
Review from Marjorie S.
38 events 11 reviews

It was fantastic! I loved it

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Marjorie S.
Review from Marjorie S.
38 events 11 reviews

LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dwight Gordon
Review from Dwight Gordon
52 events 11 reviews

The meal was very well prepared. The show was well done!
Unfortunately it appeared that the restaurant had too few servers for the crowd (or problems in the kitchen) and the servers had difficulties getting all the patrons served with their...continued

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Review from Georgene
20 events 11 reviews

This was a very pleasant evening. The young couple who sampled the various tangos were skilled and changed costumes to add to the experience. The long dining room did make difficult for some to see the main dance floor but they moved through the...continued

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Review from tom
22 events 9 reviews

The restaurant is located out of the way next to Montgomery field but is well laid out. The steaks were great as was the wine. The waitress was very efficient and the deserts were great as well. I thought our Goldstar special was for a bottle of...continued

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Review from Mfreeman
9 events 8 reviews

I got 3 Goldstar tickets for the Roaring 20s Tango at Pampas Argentine Bar & Grill near Montgomery Field on Aero Drive.. It included a 3 course meal the tango show.

We got there at the instructed time, 640 PM on a Saturday. We walked in a were...continued

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Alexandra Lambeck
Review from Alexandra Lambeck
11 events 8 reviews

My second time going. Still amazing! Sangria pitchers were $20. My table of 9 got 4. I will say my filet mignon wasn't quite as good as last time, but the food was all still delicious. If you know how to dance, bring your dancing shoes because...continued

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Review from Marina
23 events 8 reviews

The food and service were very good, and the show was excellent! The dance floor is tiny, so unless you sit right next to it you will not be able to see the dancers' feet most of the time, however the dancers did their best going through the small...continued

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Alexandra Lambeck
Review from Alexandra Lambeck
11 events 8 reviews

Absolutely fantastic experience. My friends and I wondered if we could give 10 out of 5 stars for the event.
No need to arrive early. The notes from goldstar are wrong!!! It's not open seating- you've got a reservation for a VIP table...continued

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Review from Nicole
39 events 7 reviews

location was in a little sketchy shopping center when we first approached the restaurant. ambience was nice. food was great! and entertainment/dancers were nothing to rave about. overall, we were glad the food and service were good. :)

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Jennie Lam Gibson
Review from Jennie Lam Gibson
13 events 6 reviews

Awesome show, awesome seating, awesome food cooked to order. I asked for my salmon to be cooked medium rare, they cooked it to perfection. Dancers are skilled, beautiful and graceful, at least 5 different costume changes by the lovely, married...continued

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