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Noreen Rios
Review from Noreen Rios
Red Velvet 110 events 57 reviews

Great performances, fun, funny, great dancing loved some of the songs and loved the sets. We also had great seats.

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Tom McDonald
Review from Tom McDonald
Red Velvet 49 events 4 reviews

The whole family laughed throughout the show.

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Plays at First
Review from Plays at First
215 events 94 reviews

Great music Great acting We just saw it at San Diego State and I liked that production a bit better as the characters were a bit more believable Great set too

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Sherrie Wall
Review from Sherrie Wall
46 events 21 reviews

I was pleasantly surprised at how really great this production was. The acting talent was top notch, and the vocals were fantastic! There isn't a bad seat in the house, small venue, and the play was well written -for not a moments mind...continued

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Review from Nancysd
90 events 13 reviews

Wonderful singing voices, scenic design and an overall great show!

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Kim Levin
Review from Kim Levin
46 events 11 reviews

Attended with my elderly parents. We all enjoyed the play immensely. Very well acted and sung. Never boring.
Recommending to all my friends!

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Zahydie Nieves
Review from Zahydie Nieves
35 events 7 reviews

Outstanding singers and music, great sound system and props. Enjoy the size of the theater.

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Mary Friedel
Review from Mary Friedel
14 events 4 reviews

We thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Will recommend to others and want to see it again. Such a talented cast and wonderful music, singing and dancing. Loved the venue also except for parking.

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Review from Mbintz
12 events 3 reviews

Treated well by staff. First time we attended a play at this venue that was not sold out. Not sure why so many empty seats here. Not the most interesting play but the actors were ok.

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Alice Dodd
Review from Alice Dodd
17 events 2 reviews

Marvelous cast all with fabulous voices! Excellent script and a score played with panache by the excellent orchestra. I'd give it six stars if they went that high. Thanks for a delightful theater experience!

Alice Dodd

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
9 events 2 reviews

Superb cast!! Loved EVERY minute!

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Ken Sinclair
Review from Ken Sinclair
2 events 1 review

I had high expectations after reading many reviews but was greatly disappointed.
The music was not the least bit memorable, although the cast member's voices were good. I found the lead female singer to be offputting as her voice was hard on the...continued

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Review from Rose
6 events 1 review

I thought this was the best production I've seen at the Horton. Very professional. Anyone of the actors voices were every bit as good as Broadway productions I've seen.
I really loved it.

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Review from Kktalker
3 events 1 review

Loved it!

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Review from Jo
5 events 1 review

Wonderful, charming, romantic show with first class talent! This is a must see! Love, love, loved this show!

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