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Katharine Milloy
Review from Katharine Milloy
Red Velvet 187 events 121 reviews

I've been to this event before, and looked forward to the chance to go again. The venue is classic and comfortable, with a true feeling of being in Spain. The food was a bit costly, but still unique and good. The service was fine, if a bit...continued

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Review from MK
Red Velvet 215 events 40 reviews

The stage and seating are very poorly arranged, so even though we were seated only about 20 rows back back from the stage, we might as well have been seated in the last row. I've seen great flamenco dancing before, and I really enjoy watching how...continued

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Sue Brim
Review from Sue Brim
94 events 31 reviews

This was a great dinner show!! The flamenco dancing was superb & the dinner , sangria & dessert were excellent!!

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Barbara Blackwell
Review from Barbara Blackwell
39 events 22 reviews

Great show, great food. Service could not have been better. Red Velvet status paid off, we were seated first row, next to the stage and were able to see all the footwork unobstructed! We want to go back!

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alina carac
Review from alina carac
131 events 20 reviews

Good table, good meal and fiery, breathtaking music& dance! The passion and the dedication of the artists! Quality entertainment!

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Elsa Bandich
Review from Elsa Bandich
45 events 19 reviews

After attending Cafe Sevilla The Art of Flamenco dinner and dance show, I wish I would have read other Goldstar members reviews. Yes the atmosphere was great and the food was good. But with the upgrades and the cost of wine with dinner. The meal...continued

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Review from zestnzen
20 events 16 reviews

We had a great time! Loved the dancing and the music. The intimate setting brings you right into the show.

We got there right at 7pm, but it seemed everyone made it there before us. We were initially disappointed to not be able to get a table...continued

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Fabiola Yrizarri
Review from Fabiola Yrizarri
26 events 12 reviews

Amazing!!!! Will definately see it again and recommend it to friends.

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Review from wallyusmc
37 events 12 reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed everything about the evening. The food was great and the show was spectacular. I'm thinking about going there next month. The flamenco dancing and the music were riveting. Thank you

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Jason Essex
Review from Jason Essex
21 events 12 reviews

The food was good and the entertainment portion was enjoyable. Our table, however, was directly below a large speaker. We had to relocate to another table as a result. A good event as a whole.

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Xiomara Hiller
Review from Xiomara Hiller
68 events 12 reviews

The service and show was excellent. The food Meh...sorry, ordering the bread was the best thing on the menu, imho. I would go again and maybe just order from the main menu.

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Regine Edwards
Review from Regine Edwards
12 events 11 reviews

Loved it!!!

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Review from Nat
27 events 9 reviews

nice place, great artists, good food, full bar - what else could you need :)

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Marc Smith
Review from Marc Smith
30 events 8 reviews

but my friend really enjoyed it. also got to stay to dance so that was ok

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Joi Brewer
Review from Joi Brewer
17 events 8 reviews

dancing and food was great, singer was way too loud, did not need a mic, restraunt staff tried to turn it down a little, but it was not enough, we stuffed our ears with tissue

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Tan Chu
Review from Tan Chu
21 events 8 reviews

I had a group try to find enjoying spainish music & dance, but there were a little pieces of spanish music show that we got. Audio system/ speakers is not a good quality ones. The meals are pretty Ok for 5 people of us with 2 red wine glasses. Be...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
13 events 7 reviews

Excellent food and service.
I was surprised that there were only women dancers. When we went in Spain there were make and female dancers which added drama.
The air conditioning was too cold. If you go bring a coat.

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Alma Felix Garcia
Review from Alma Felix Garcia
13 events 7 reviews

I wouldn't go again. The show was nice, the food not so much. I had the paella and it was not very good. It was too fishy and a bit dry. My husband had the salmon and beef plate and that was a bit better than the paella. I was disappointed.

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Review from v
53 events 7 reviews

The food was great and the entertainment was awesome. But it was still too pricey since I purchased two tickets here on Goldstar for myself and my bf, and ordered a small pitcher of Sangria and he upgrade to a different entree (for $10 more)and...continued

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Mariette Pan
Review from Mariette Pan
19 events 7 reviews

The speaker overhead blasted us so loudly that many people moved to another table, I had to stick toilet tissue in my ears to tolerate it, and was not able to enjoy the Flamenco dancers because of this. Cafe Sevilla eventually got the sound...continued

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