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Review from Peaches
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I was very impressed with Cafe Sevilla. The food was fabulous. I had to pay $10 for the non-seafood entree but I have to say, it was worth. I enjoyed the show and being so close to the stage floor. It was a little repetitive but very professional....continued

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Review from JanetCohn
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Intimate setting-felt like I was at a cozy place somewhere in Spain. The food was excellent, the music and the dancing made me want to go and sign up for flamenco dance classes.

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Scott Thielen
Review from Scott Thielen
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It would be cooler if it was on a stage so that everyone could see the dancers feet since that is what you want to be able to see in Flamenco

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Gina Bardy
Review from Gina Bardy
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I’ve seen a Flamenco show in Spain and this one was a poor imitation; 3 unimpressive female dancers who lacked talent, passion and grace. What kind of flamenco show has no male dancer? The costumes were crappy, the cantor seemed to be moaning,...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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One of the best restaurants I’ve been to. Great service, food was amazing and service was top notch.

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Ali Koppel
Review from Ali Koppel
6 events 1 review

Really beautiful performance. I just wish it was longer! Definitely recommend for a romantic date night or night with friends or special occasion. Super fun and the service was outstanding.

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Review from chad
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Start off with a sub-par performance; then on to a terrible food experience. The seafood was rubbery and lacked any flavor. Completly overcooked. The bill, The have a crazy way of adding everyhting up. I will never return to this show!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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The dancing and musicians were magnetic. The parking awful. The food tasty although if you arrive late do to parking you are seated way in back making it hard to see the show and you are served last, way last while everyone else around is eating....continued

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Hillary Crise
Review from Hillary Crise
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The dancing and decor was nice but the good was terrible. It was actually inedible and we told the waiter. It was cold and the meat and seafood was over cooked, very disappointed.

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Catherineof Fallbrook
Review from Catherineof Fallbrook
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The dancing was amazing...the guitarists and singer were excellent. The food was good---vegetarian paella and fish-only paella were offered as an alternative to the meat and fish paella, and they were both delicious. And watching my husband...continued

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Review from Lolo
2 events 1 review

The Flamenco show was mediocre at best. The vegetarian paella option was definitely cooked in fish sauce or with fish as the dish tasted extremely fishy even though no pieces of seafood were included.

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Susan Posner
Review from Susan Posner
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The Flamenco music and dancing was very enjoyable, but the service and food was horrible. A half hour to get our salad, 75 minutes for our over-cooked and dry Paella, and another hour for the dessert. You're stuck paying an 18% gratuity and an...continued

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Forklift Queen
Review from Forklift Queen
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The performers were exquisite & fascinating!! Food and beverages were very good. Would definitely attend again. ;-)

I think the pricing of the drinks, bread, taxes & gratuities should be re-evaluated. It was a hard hit at the end. ;-(

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Review from John
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The sound level was terrible, we had to stick papertowels in our ears. We were forced to sit under the loudspeaker and the wouldn't turn the sound level down. THe food caused me stomach distress. I would never recommend this event. I like the...continued

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biking rita
Review from biking rita
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They opened on time, but we were required to go down stairs that were not well lit. Next we were escorted to a table where they had a/c blowers on full force. They did turn them off when we requested they do something, but they came back on toward...continued

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Review from Carla
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This was a great night! The food was great, the show was beautiful, the service was awesome. I would do it again, it was a great deal!

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Nancy Roussakis-Nelson
Review from Nancy Roussakis-Nelson
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Very enjoyable. The dancers were professional and the food was excellent!

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Review from Luke
24 events 1 review

Very talented dancers, wonderful atmosphere, food is delicious, overall a great experience.

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Nancy Youngren
Review from Nancy Youngren
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Way too expensive for the quality of the food and service. After purchasing the ticket, you receive a notice that the tip will be added to any extras as well as the price of your ticket. Also a 3 % surcharge is on your final bill. We spent $320...continued

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Kristin Stark
Review from Kristin Stark
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We attended the show with friends to celebrate our Anniversary. The dancing was really wonderful and the food was actually very good.

However, at the end of the show (almost as soon as the music was over) we were rushed out which left a bad...continued

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