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Review from mageh1
136 events 80 reviews

It was so much fun!!! especially when audience participated. Also, some costumes were so amazing. Great show.

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Review from mploesch
72 events 50 reviews

This show was a lot of fun, the theater is really nice also!!

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Peter Brooks
Review from Peter Brooks
87 events 25 reviews

Great fun! This group always puts their all i to everything they do! Thanks!

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Mark Kees
Review from Mark Kees
67 events 20 reviews

Excellent production! The entire cast was amazing and the live band was awesome.
We rarely miss a show at the OB Playhouse.
See this show!

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Review from Katie
32 events 8 reviews

This was magnificent! I loved the casting and the energy. I've seen this at the Old Globe and the Cygnet, but this was my favorite rendition, by far! The theater is super intimate, which makes it a particular joy to watch.

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Review from Vanessa
13 events 7 reviews

Super fun!!!!!!

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Review from TheatreGuy
11 events 4 reviews

Another great production at OB Playhouse. A wild, hilarious show with great singers and a terrific band. Highly recommend!

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Review from Angela
28 events 4 reviews

My friend and I had such an amazing time! Perfect venue

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Adriana M.
Review from Adriana M.
14 events 2 reviews

Amazing talent and super fun show!

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Ron Holzbaur
Review from Ron Holzbaur
6 events 2 reviews

It was every thing I wanted to experience. Great work from everyone! Thanks so much! Ron

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PJ Wilson
Review from PJ Wilson
3 events 2 reviews

The show was a riot! All that I hoped it would/or could be in such a confined space! Woo! Hoo! BRAVO!! And, our seats were good; right next to the center isle where most of the ancillary action took place! ...but the bottle of wine was a bit pricey.

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Becca Campbell
Review from Becca Campbell
1 event 1 review

Fantastic show. So much fun! Highly recommend!

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naomi denenberg
Review from naomi denenberg
21 events 1 review

Fun evening. Great voices by all

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Cherie Ng
Review from Cherie Ng
3 events 1 review

Fun, wacky and weird in all of the good ways

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Alba Grifoni
Review from Alba Grifoni
2 events 1 review

Great experience, my first time for this show, and for the" virgin" they have a special treatment:) The actors were very good and really made you part of the show. I will definitely go back and see it again!

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Diane Weinstein
Review from Diane Weinstein
6 events 1 review

Great little theater with wonderful performers ...

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Lynn Steeves
Review from Lynn Steeves
1 event 1 review

Laughed the entire way through. First visit to the OB play House. Will definitely be back.

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Review from Hannaniv
5 events 1 review

Phenomenal performance! Every actor gave a top notch performance, and oh the talent - incredible voices! Funny and entertaining! We had a fantastic time!

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Katie Burlington
Review from Katie Burlington
3 events 1 review

TERRIBLE! DON’T ATTEND UNLES YOU LIKE GETTING ASSAULTED BY DRUNK AUDIENCE MEMBERS! We attended the show performance last night. Initially, I was very excited to see it live. The venue allowed the audience to bring in open alcoholic containers...continued

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Seanna Huber
Review from Seanna Huber
1 event 1 review

this was a great show, loved every minute of it. the cast was great.

the only problem we had was that we could not always hear the cast talking or singing, the music drowned them out.

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