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Review from Kidsyogamum
Red Velvet 11 events 4 reviews

Sailing on the bay isn't a new experience for me but going on a boat with such limited safety measures gave me a minute during the sail where I just wanted to be winched off! Lifejackets were available but only if asked for or, as we were told,...continued

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Review from Carol
Red Velvet 26 events 2 reviews

Lovely day on the Bay. Mellow sailboat ride with beautiful views. They didn't sail as close to the Golden Gate Bridge or Sausalito as I had expected, staying closer to the middle of the Bay. They serve wine and beer as soon as the boat leaves...continued

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Betty Nudelman
Review from Betty Nudelman
100 events 79 reviews

THe captain gave us a customer sail and it was a perfect day on the bay. There were only seven passengers and the first ate was a great host

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Review from aju
222 events 59 reviews

We happened to hit a very good day. It can be foggy and choppy in the summer. The boat was fine, and we really enjoyed it.

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Review from carole
87 events 57 reviews

Loud, obnoxious passenger ruined the serenity of the boat ride. Captain and crew member were clueless about calming her down.

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Review from carole
87 events 57 reviews

The day was beautiful. The crew was great. The wine was great. Everything wa perfect...but we did need to put on our jackets.

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no thank you
Review from no thank you
58 events 48 reviews

Staff was extremely friendly, answered all questions and informative. If you have any back problems...you may want to bring a small cushion. Although, it was a beautiful day and a warm day for SF definitely layer because it is cooler once you're...continued

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Review from Birgit
145 events 46 reviews

Best way to spend an afternoon by and on the bay - we had a great time!
Captain Mike and First Mate Patrick made the trip super enjoyable and made sure our wineglasses never went empty. I took my friend for a birthday surprise - she loves sailing...continued

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Josephine Tejada
Review from Josephine Tejada
74 events 25 reviews

This was cancelled due to the SF weather. The host said I have to call Goldstar to pick another date.

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Jacob Picheny
Review from Jacob Picheny
61 events 21 reviews

The 2-man crew was pleasant. The cruise started out 15 minutes late. The 2 men seemed to be struggling to get the boat ready. There wasn't any loudspeaker aboard, nor any tour leader kind of talk or pointing out of landmarks, etc. It was a...continued

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Elizabeth Bee
Review from Elizabeth Bee
25 events 21 reviews

This was so great! We brought 9 people as a team-building activity, and really enjoyed our trip. It was a little cloudy/chilly but that's just the time of year- they even had jackets for us to borrow.

The captain and first mate were great and...continued

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R.E. Carsch
Review from R.E. Carsch
31 events 19 reviews

Very windy - shocked that life jackets were not passed out and required. Sailing on the Bay without life vest is just plain dumb.

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Minh Vuong
Review from Minh Vuong
57 events 18 reviews

The crews/passengers I was with were mainly tourists, but, I highly recommend it to local folks as well. You will enjoy the ride.

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Alice B.
Review from Alice B.
69 events 17 reviews

this is fourth time going out with this crew! Always safe, answers all kinds of interesting questions about what we are seeing, and simply an awesome way to get out on the Bay.

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L. Paris
Review from L. Paris
24 events 16 reviews

For our friend's 75th birthday this was a great experience! Due to the large number who had signed up they split the group onto two boats which was really great. Beer and wine served, great hosts and captain. Dress warmly with a hat and sunglasses...continued

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Tracey Ayres
Review from Tracey Ayres
26 events 15 reviews

A bay sail? Never a bad idea.

Captain and crew are a bit rough around the edges. If you want pampering this isn't the sail for you. Be one of the first to board if you care where you sit; bow and stern will be most rocky (less do on port and...continued

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Review from oldkenoplayer
42 events 15 reviews

Nice bay excursion with helpful crew.

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Review from Paula
42 events 15 reviews

The Capt and his crew were great!!! The views were spectacular.

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Review from Terese15
114 events 14 reviews

Check this out! Had a blast being out on the out on the Bay. The Captain and his first mate Caleb were stellar...entertaining, warm, and friendly. Thanks for a terrific time :)!

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Christel Kampfen
Review from Christel Kampfen
101 events 13 reviews

I was rather disappointed. Just before going out on the Bay, the fog moved in by the Golden Gate and the captain decided to stay out of the fog.
He therefore skipped sailing along the Golden Gate which was understandable but he also skipped...continued

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