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Review from swinka12@yahoo.com
23 events 12 reviews

it was somewhat cold on the water, which is normal for this time of the year. Fog and clouds came obscured the view for about 1/2 of the trip but otherwise we enjoyed our time. Be sure to bundle up and take layers of clothing. The yacht itself...continued

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Sharrel Grootboom
Review from Sharrel Grootboom
15 events 11 reviews

We enjoyed the cruise terrific love it will do it again with friends the everyone was friendly:))))

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Zeny Unisa-Rozenberg
Review from Zeny Unisa-Rozenberg
97 events 9 reviews

Fantastic experience with friends. Elliot & Randy took very good care of us! Will do it again in a heartbeat❤️

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Review from Mark
63 events 9 reviews

Great captain, great crew, great views, great time!

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Kathleen Kirkish
Review from Kathleen Kirkish
62 events 9 reviews

Lovely day on the Bay!

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SF Peace
Review from SF Peace
15 events 9 reviews

What a perfect adventure on the SF Bay. The crew were very professional and informative and the boat ("Privateer") was well-maintained and comfortable. The complimentary Chardonnay wine was very tasty and well-chosen by the crew.

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Review from Lucille
30 events 7 reviews

Beautiful day, great wind, fun captain and crew!

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Review from tifdg
25 events 7 reviews

Don't miss this tour! From Fisherman's Wharf to the Ferry Building, with a loop around Alcatraz, you will have a fantastic view of San Francisco and the Bay! The staff was very nice and friendly!

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Maureen Doran
Review from Maureen Doran
135 events 7 reviews

I go on the Privateer or the Santa Maria about once a month, almost always with Captain Mike and First Mate Caleb. They are very friendly and they make the outing so fun. I’ve brought lots of friends. For the price you get a beautiful sail + 2...continued

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Review from Sandra
38 events 7 reviews

Once we got on the boat it was fun. The boat is just small enough to give a sense of sailing but large enough to feel secure. It was a beautiful day on the bay and we had good company.

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Michael Slaughter
Review from Michael Slaughter
14 events 7 reviews

The Captain and crew were great. I asked a lot of questions about sail boats & they had all the answers

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Review from TracyThang
12 events 7 reviews

The sail is nice but tight, not much space

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Review from beau13dog
18 events 7 reviews

This was really fun. The captain and crew were terrific!

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Review from clarice
23 events 6 reviews

it was so great! just the right amount of people and the captain and first mate were friendly and just plain wonderful. The sailing felt safe!

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Review from T-
23 events 6 reviews

Loved the captain and crew! This was our second time on the Privateer and we will be going on another ride.

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Laura Thompson
Review from Laura Thompson
64 events 5 reviews

Comfortable boat...great staff.

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Jerry Tallinger
Review from Jerry Tallinger
7 events 5 reviews

Great ride and crew was very attentive. Started right on time.

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Review from wrd123
19 events 5 reviews

Great time sailing around the bay. Smaller boat made us feel very welcome..great crew! Just a heads up if you go on a windy day hold on tight and ask for their waterproof blankets and jackets to keep you dry and warm !

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Review from donutrice
13 events 5 reviews

lots of fun, highly recommend this

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Lynne Miller Homeyer
Review from Lynne Miller Homeyer
6 events 5 reviews

Second time doing this sail around Alcatraz, loved it just as much. Low-key, quiet, beautiful. Drink choices were Coke, Diet Coke, water, PBR, Hamm's, and chardonnay. The two sailors, captain and mate, were friendly and informative. WARNING:...continued

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