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Austin Nation
Review from Austin Nation
Red Velvet 840 events 718 reviews

This was a different version of A Christmas Carol...namely because I have never seen the show done with songs...it added a nice touch. Somewhere near the end of the first half I lost interest, but luckily the second half came back strong and...continued

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Review from Eddie
Red Velvet 93 events 46 reviews

It was really good performance

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Aura Sullivan
Review from Aura Sullivan
Red Velvet 113 events 32 reviews

This was the very best rendition of A Christmas Carol I have ever attended. The actors were superb, the staging was great, just an
all around great experience.

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Review from ElizB
Red Velvet 125 events 32 reviews

Venue was great, as always, performance wonderful. I enjoyed the mixing of characters, brings the story up to date. This particular part of the venue were great seats. Parking wasn't so bad, we got to the neighborhood a couple of hours earlier...continued

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Kathy G
Review from Kathy G
Red Velvet 68 events 23 reviews

Sat in the mezzinine and lucky to get front row seats on the right side aisle. Saw 'A christmas Carol' years ago at ACT and watch many film versions ( Alastair Sims, George C Scott, Albert Finney, Mr Magoo, etc). James Carpenter as Scrooge was...continued

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Review from Michael
Red Velvet 59 events 11 reviews

I was thrilled with the production quality of the performance. Great sets, special effects, makeup, etc. Most of the acting was exceptional. The singing was not outstanding but acceptable. The cast really captured the essence of the story and...continued

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millicent gappell
Review from millicent gappell
Red Velvet 88 events 10 reviews

I felt this year's performance was the least good of all I've seen. My guest said it was like a high school show. The sets are tired. the performers covered a wide range but in general it was disappointing I won't go next year.

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Susan Moore
Review from Susan Moore
Red Velvet 77 events 6 reviews

This holiday show is an annual tradition for me.

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Greg L.
Review from Greg L.
Red Velvet 33 events 4 reviews

Beautiful production, but under amplified. Especially the children actors were very difficult to hear

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Scott Murphy
Review from Scott Murphy
Red Velvet 10 events 4 reviews

This is an amazing play! The costumes are brilliant, as well as the props and actors! Hauntingly good time!

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Lee Anne Masetti-Martin
Review from Lee Anne Masetti-Martin
Red Velvet 37 events 2 reviews

Wonderful show! Great surprises! My whole family loved it!

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Mark Allen
Review from Mark Allen
200 events 67 reviews

ACT continues to underwhelm. The players seemed to enjoy what they were doing on stage, but, unfortunately, I could not hear what they were saying. As a prior ACT subscriber I had seen A Christmas Carol in the past at this venue and I had...continued

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Mark Allen
Review from Mark Allen
200 events 67 reviews

This show always tugs at my heart, and this year's performance was no exception. J Carpenter is superb as Scrooge, and the children's costumes were adorable.

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Deborah James
Review from Deborah James
222 events 58 reviews

wonderful show; it gets better each year

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Bella Divino
Review from Bella Divino
54 events 47 reviews

Great show and we were able to see the stage without any problem. After reading other reviews about how small the seats were, we were so happy that our seats included an isle seat. The venue was slightly chilly (as it was outside) but other than...continued

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Review from Birgit
137 events 43 reviews

It was a perfect show with a lot of great details and costumes and stage. Made me feel very christmassy! (And you can bring your drinks inside).

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Chris Verrill
Review from Chris Verrill
47 events 43 reviews

Professionally done, of course. Because ACT. Very traditional. Solid show to bring the children to see to celebrate Christmas.

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Review from Maria
86 events 40 reviews

Se had a lot if fun! Acting was great.

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Review from Ted
118 events 39 reviews

Great production! Scrooge was perfectly cast, you could easily pick him out from the actors' profile pictures before the play started.
The depiction of Christmas Future was one of the best stage presentations I've ever seen.

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Peggy Rock
Review from Peggy Rock
101 events 35 reviews

It is a delightful holiday experience. I have seen the show a few times now, and can't tell if I am immune to the magic or if the actors are phoning it in a bit. Who could blame them if they were? It might have been an off night. Still worth...continued

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