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Scott Carter
Review from Scott Carter
Red Velvet 1116 events 597 reviews

Delightfully surprised. The staging, scripting, costumes and overall experience were stellar. I like this small production much better than the bigger Christmas Carol's at more commercial companies. Go see this delightful production. (Plus, where...continued

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Review from Buenavistaguy
Red Velvet 156 events 74 reviews

An enjoyable spin on the classic, enthusiastically performed. But the "VIP seats" option should really be deleted -- it's all open seating and the "VIP seat" really meant a free drink coupon.

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Arnie B
Review from Arnie B
Red Velvet 103 events 29 reviews

This was a wonderful Japanese interpretation of Dickens's Christmas Carol. The theater was small and comfortable and the performance excellent.

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Marilynn Lutich Bean
Review from Marilynn Lutich Bean
Red Velvet 159 events 17 reviews

I truly enjoyed this adaptation of A Christmas Carol! It’s a holiday favorite and I’m so happy I found this! Looking forward to seeing it again next year!!

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Review from rhb
87 events 23 reviews

Very creative adaptation of Christmas Carol in Noh style. I'm not familiar with Noh, but I assume stylized movements, pauses and exaggerated speech of Scrooge were traditional elements and I loved them. Great snacks for sale too: mulled wine and...continued

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Review from rhb
87 events 23 reviews

Very well done, creative take on Dickens's Christmas Carol in Noh style, with an especially strong performance by Scrooge. Very welcoming small theater space with mulled wine for only $5! Loved it!

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Irene Hashimoto
Review from Irene Hashimoto
37 events 21 reviews

Most interesting interpretation

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Review from char
26 events 15 reviews

I went not knowing what to expect and I found it quite fascinating. It was easy to understand, very graceful, and understated. The theater was comfortable and it was a different holiday experience, in a good way!

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Review from anthony.r.dobrovolskis@nasa.gov
141 events 9 reviews

I always enjoy the Theatre of Yugen Noh Space productions, but their Noh Christmas Carol absolutely blew me away! I was surprised to find myself in tears by the end. Kabuki theatre, with interactions with a spirit realm being a common trope,...continued

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Review from Tweety
49 events 7 reviews

Entertaining performance from a talented group.

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Lilia Manguy
Review from Lilia Manguy
12 events 4 reviews

A beautiful show. A world-class production with top-notch acting. The reinterpretation of A Christmas Carol with a Japanese aesthetic is genius. Highly recommended.

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Review from Oakmarti
11 events 4 reviews

Weirdly beautiful, this production lends an other worldly experience of this traditional Christmas carol. I loved it! This story will never be the same again. Thank you for this work and thank you all for making it unforgettable.

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Deborah Huth
Review from Deborah Huth
4 events 2 reviews

Lovely small theater venue- beautiful set and costumes. Although the cast members are not Japanese they bring a wonderful spirit to the production. Highly recommended at this price.

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Yousef Turshani
Review from Yousef Turshani
3 events 2 reviews

Wonderful rendition of the beautiful and powerful Japanese style of peformance with an English-language story.

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Chris Skarupski
Review from Chris Skarupski
2 events 1 review

Excellent interpretation of one timeless classic through the lens of another timeless Japanese dramatic tradition.

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Cj Dellapietra
Review from Cj Dellapietra
3 events 1 review

Fine set, cast, and direction--third "Noh Christmas" I've experienced and the best. Full house for a Sunday performance(12/22/19).

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Elizabeth Nickens
Review from Elizabeth Nickens
1 event 1 review

Great acting. Interesting performance.

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Eileen McKEE
Review from Eileen McKEE
1 event 1 review

I am baffled that this show had so many fawning reviews. It was painfully slow (even being familiar with the deliberate and studied pace of Noh) and the casting of non-Asian actors but the use of VERY exaggerated faux-Japanese accents was...continued

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Scott MacDougall
Review from Scott MacDougall
12 events 1 review

I've meant to see a performance at the Theater of Yugen for decades. Glad to finally make one and not to be disappointed!

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Beatrice Zhang
Review from Beatrice Zhang
1 event 1 review

This was my first Noh performance. Not every day one gets to experience Japanese Noh in America in English. Put a new spin to a popular performance. Amazing what they can do with a limited cast.

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