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San Francisco Playhouse (San Francisco, CA)

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"Abigail's Party"
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792 events
426 reviews
199 stars
attended Jun 08 2013

Acting was brilliant. Set was stunning...in the first half. But the play falls apart a bit in the second half. Even genious directing and acting couldn't quite pull it through.

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840 events
424 reviews
469 stars
attended May 23 2013

I see almost every production here and it is one of my favorite small theater companies. The acting was great as usual and the set was exceptional as usual. However, I was not wowed by the script or the content. Plus, I did not find it all that...continued

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237 events
160 reviews
528 stars
attended Jul 03 2013

Very entertaining show with an excellent cast. Lovely theatre and cocktail area. Congrats to S.F. Playhouse.

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155 events
138 reviews
36 stars
attended Jun 08 2013

I didn't care for the script - it didn't go anywhere. It was a slice of dysfunctional life, the end. Kudos to Susi Damilano who killed it in the lead roll. The part was made for her. The actor playing Tony overacted.

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James Red Velvet
163 events
136 reviews
42 stars
attended Jun 22 2013

Very entertaining.

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371 events
101 reviews
188 stars
attended May 24 2013

Funny, enjoyable show. The American actors did a great job with their British accents.

The only part about the show that I didn't like was the ending...which I won't give away.

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Milford Red Velvet
44 events
18 reviews
12 stars
attended May 21 2013

Nice older venue, easy to get to and ample parking options nearby. Food and drink are allowed in the theater! The production was fun -- nice set and good character development with some sharp dialog.

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57 events
12 reviews
3 stars
attended Jun 11 2013

The set design was brilliant & the play well acted.

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56 events
11 reviews
4 stars
attended Jul 06 2013

Funny show and well done. Enjoyed the stage and setting.

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45 events
2 reviews
0 stars
attended May 23 2013

Abigail’s Party, by Mike Leigh, is about a group of people at a cocktail party, none of whom actually want to be there, except for Beverly, the hostess who incessantly refills drinks and plays records in a determined attempt to enjoy herself. ...continued

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194 events
155 reviews
39 stars
attended Jun 07 2013

The performances were fine - ranging from adequate (Remi Sandri, who had the thankless task of trying to make a boring character interesting) to good (Allison White and Susi Damilano, as a chatty awkward neighbor and an over-sexed housewife,...continued

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82 events
67 reviews
29 stars
attended Jun 08 2013

Fabulous acting, well directed, great set and a very interesting play. Keeping up SFPlayhouse signature style of something you can talk about afterwards.

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124 events
66 reviews
6 stars
attended May 23 2013

Funny, biting, sexy play well acted.

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121 events
66 reviews
3 stars
attended Jun 25 2013

The script wasn't great, a farce about socially inept people. The ending was completely out of synch with the rest of the play. While the acting was generally serviceable, the woman who played Beverly was too old and the man who played Laurence...continued

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Mark Allen
146 events
63 reviews
15 stars
attended Jun 13 2013

A very enjoyable and entertaining play, Abigail's Party displays the fine talents of five actors. I enjoyed the play and recommend it. I enjoyed all the performers, and especially liked (yes, thank you!) the performance of Julia Brothers as Susan.

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52 events
42 reviews
5 stars
attended May 21 2013

Abigail's Party was a wonderful theater experience. Susi Damilano was sensational as Beverly, one of five eccentrics thrown together in 1970's England, all trying to one-up each other. She plays the vamping, drinking, sarcastic wife with true...continued

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82 events
28 reviews
97 stars
attended Jun 06 2013

Excellent acting in a well-staged, rather bitter comedy.

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77 events
25 reviews
46 stars
attended Jul 03 2013

Another very solid production from this very reliable theater company. I really like their new venue, my first opporutnity to experience it.

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31 events
23 reviews
3 stars
56 events
20 reviews
4 stars
attended May 23 2013

A lovely, fun evening at the theater. Well-written, well-acted (with believable English accents), wonderful set, lighting, costumes, etc. I recommend it.

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