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Review from pez
Red Velvet 117 events 38 reviews

Amazing show! Highly recommended.

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Review from Lucy
Red Velvet 44 events 5 reviews

one of the best shows I've seen at the Marsh..poignant story told with lots of humor

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Theatre Fan
Review from Theatre Fan
159 events 140 reviews

Great writing, strong delivery. Excellent value from Goldstar and yet another good show I would not have attended had i not learned of it on GS. The Marsh is as unlovely as always - cramped seating, hot and stuffy but great location and cheap...continued

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Review from Lisa
76 events 53 reviews

The show was great, very creative and original and very well crafted and performed.
As for the Marsh, I don't know why they can't get some kind of ventilation going on there, it's unbearably hot and stuffy in there, almost to the point of not...continued

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zulon h bush
Review from zulon h bush
118 events 17 reviews

He does work hard
No shrooms for the audience

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Review from patrick94114
40 events 13 reviews

Really thoughtful and honest. Funny too. A very strong one-man performance.

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Review from MBT
35 events 9 reviews

Interesting was of showing the suffering of OCD, but it went on far too long; needs some serious editing. His other characters need some work to get a better feeling of them

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Review from Leslie
20 events 7 reviews

Funny, poignant...a range of emotions! He's a real talent!

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Maxine Einhorn
Review from Maxine Einhorn
28 events 4 reviews

A brilliant performance!

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Review from Greengazer
1 event 1 review

Adam Strauss gives an intimate look into his struggle to be well. His performance is emotionally raw, thought provoking and hilarious. Health care professionals, Psychiatrists, and Therapists should go.

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Annie Fox
Review from Annie Fox
3 events 1 review

Adam's performance was as powerful as it was vulnerable. So provocative and... educational. To allow an audience to get inside your head, your heart, your "disordered" way of moving through the world takes enormous personal courage. We were moved...continued

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Barbara Handler
Review from Barbara Handler
32 events 1 review

Best show I've seen at The Marsh! He is pretty brilliant.

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P Walsh
Review from P Walsh
2 events 1 review

Really good, funny, heartbreaking. Also relevant for the current healthcare debate.

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Review from Luveen
13 events 1 review

Very funny and performed with a lot of intensity.

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