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Review from SLH
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Wonderful work by four talented people. Who knew a sandwich could be so funny?

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Review from Hllywd
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I would give this 3.5. It was a bit redundant in parts. Not one of Custom's best plays. Not certainly exactly why they selected it. The woman who played the 30 something year old with kids was excellent. That was the best character and she...continued

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Review from Michael
Red Velvet 231 events 78 reviews

I laughed exactly once during this so called comedy. The script was dreadful, not helped at all by the indiscriminate use of the F word. I could not for the life of me figure out the point of this play, or why I ventured out in the rain for...continued

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Review from LIH
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I applaud the acting and staging. The topic is current, looking at the frustration in job search and the resulting unfulfillment in low-paying corporate employment from the POV of the highly educated and the basically educated. It is a good...continued

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Elizabeth Larson
Review from Elizabeth Larson
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I loved American Hero! The acting was superb, and the dialog was quite amusing. I don't usually find things as amusing as other people, but I found myself laughing a lot. The play was also moving, as it zeroed in on the trials of the service...continued

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Kaylah Cheryl Sterling
Review from Kaylah Cheryl Sterling
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Belly laughing entertainment
A few hours of fun, keen script, great acting.

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Review from desertdiver
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This show was a disappointment. I was hoping for some amazing insights, but left the theater wondering why this material had been presented in such an un-engaging manner. Was it the one dimensional acting? Was it that the script that needed work?...continued

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Yasnovsky Tatyana
Review from Yasnovsky Tatyana
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Richard Wenzel
Review from Richard Wenzel
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Great show - light comedy with lots of very funny moments and great acting by the whole cast! See. This. Show!

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Bob McIntyre
Review from Bob McIntyre
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Great performances and a good script added up to a very fun night of theater. I definitely recommend seeing this production.

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Review from AWKT
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Make America great, the characters say at least three times during the play. If you want a heavy dose of Pro-Trump politics, Christian religious dreams, and pandering to corporations and corporate officials at the expense of workers, join the...continued

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Review from natthecat
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Great theater space. Play and acting, meh.

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Karthik Kanuganti
Review from Karthik Kanuganti
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Hard to watch. The script was mediocre at best, and the characters ... annoying!

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